RIC Constable Harold Thompson

RIC Constable Harold Thompson (aged 28) from Australia (Midleton)

Date of incident: 14 May 1921

Sources: Death Certificate (Midleton District 2, Union of Midleton), 14 May 1921; CE, 16 May 1921; Weekly Summary of Outrages against the Police (CO 904/148-50, TNA); Lieutenant-Colonel John M. McCarthy’s WS 883, Appendix, 11-12 (BMH); John Kelleher’s WS 1456, 23-24 (BMH); Abbott (2000), 238; O’Donoghue (1954, 1986), 326; Falvey (1998), 146.


Note: Constable Thompson was killed in a connected series of attacks carried out by members of the Midleton and Lisgoold Companies of the Cork No. 1 Brigade on 14 May 1921 in Midleton. The three IRA men who ambushed Constables Thompson and Cornyn were Volunteers ‘Jackeen’ Aherne and Tom Buckley of the Midleton Company and Tom Riordan of the Lisgoold Company. See John Kelleher’s WS 1456, 23-24 (BMH). Thompson had only five months’ service in the RIC. Before joining the force, he had been a soldier and a motor driver.

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