Civilian Patrick Collins

Civilian Patrick Collins (aged about 55) of Derryduff townland near Rosscarbery (Rosscarbery)

Date of incident: 31 March 1921

Sources: CE, 29 March, 4 April, 29 June 1921; FJ, 2, 4 April 1921; CCE, 2 April 1921; Irish Bulletin, 4:72 (30 April 1921); Military Inquests, WO 35/147B/13, 150 (TNA); Malicious Injury Claims, Box 16/70, Cork County Secretary Files (CCCA); Register of Compensation Commission (Ireland) Cases of Private Persons (CO 905/15); Sheehan (2011), 129.


Note: The bomb explosion in Rosscarbery on the morning after the barracks attack also resulted in the death of Patrick Collins, a farmer aged about 55 from the townland of Derryduff. He too was a victim of the culpable negligence of Constable Doyle. Collins and his wife Ellen in 1911 were the parents of three children (a daughter and two sons) who resided with them. Their older son John (then aged 13) was later identified as a victim in the explosion, but the reported age of the victim (‘about 60’) and designated townland of the victim’s residence indicate that Patrick Collins was the the person killed. See CCE, 2 April 1921. 

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