Volunteer Patrick Trahey

Volunteer Patrick Trahey (aged about 30) of Friar’s Walk, Cork city (Prince’s Street, Cork)

Date of incident: 23 Nov. 1920

Sources: CE, 24, 25, 26, 27 Nov. 1920; II, 24, 25, 26 Nov. 1920; FJ, 25 Nov. 1920; CCE, 27 Nov. 1920; Michael Murphy’s WS 1547, 29-30 (BMH); Jerome Coughlan’s WS 1568, 1 (BMH); Michael V. O’Donoghue’s WS 1741, Part 1, 80-81 (BMH); IRA Roll of Honour, Cork No. 1 Brigade (Cork Museum, Fitzgerald Park, Cork); Rebel Cork’s FS, 25; Last Post (1976), 75; IRA Memorial Plaque, junction of Friars Walk and Tower Street, Cork city.    

Note: Trahey was killed in the Cork city bomb explosion of 23 November 1920. He was a member of E Company of the Second Battalion of the Cork No. 1 Brigade and commandant of that battalion at the time of his death. Patrick Trahey was the only person of that name listed in the 1911 census as a resident of Cork city. He was one of the three children (two sons and a daughter) of the ‘general labourer’ Eugene Trahey and his wife Maria, who resided in house 17.3 in Evergreen Buildings in the South Ward. Patrick, their eldest child, was then aged 21 and employed as a shop assistant.   

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