Civilian William Mulcahy

Civilian William Mulcahy (aged about 39) of Evergreen Street, Cork city (North Gate Bridge/Bachelor’s Quay, Cork)

Date of incident: 6 Nov. 1920

Sources: II, 8, 10 Nov. 1920; CE, 8, 9, 10 Nov. 1920; CC, 8 Nov. 1920; Limerick Leader, 8 Nov. 1920; CCE, 13 Nov. 1920.

Note: A blacksmith by trade, Mulcahy was mortally wounded at about 10:15 p.m. on 6 December 1920 in front of O’Mahony’s furniture stores near North Gate Bridge on Bachelors Quay in Cork city when he failed to obey three orders to halt issued by a curfew patrol. He died on his way to Cork Military Hospital. The military, who had arrested as many as seventy-four people during the night, claimed that Mulcahy had tried to run away. A military court of inquiry found that he had died from gunshot wounds to the chest, and that ‘no blame attached to any member of the patrol. No relative of [the] deceased attended.’ See II, 10 Nov. 1920.

Mulcahy was an employee of Messrs McBride of Merchants Quay, an engineering firm. In 1911 he was the eldest of the four co-resident sons of Cork city plumber and widower Thomas Mulcahy of 9 Evergreen Street.

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