2005 Press Releases

2005 Press Releases

Please find below a list of Press Releases for the year 2005.

05.01.2005 University College Cork launches Calendar of Events for Cork 2005
14.01.2005 A Deadly Nursery Rhyme
13.01.2005 UCC Commerce Society hosts Annual Business Conference
18.01.2005 Support for University College Cork's (UCC) Access Programme
17.01.2005 Local Secondary Schools embark on a voyage of discovery at UCC Boole Informatics Invitational
25.01.2005 UCC Conference Examines Innovative Approaches to the Needs of Rural Areas
25.01.2005 Seabed mapping is a driving factor for collaborative research between Ireland and Newfoundland
26.01.2005 Time to Take Stock - Public Lecture by Dr Edward Walsh
27.01.2005 UCC's Careers Service hosts 2005 Postgraduate Fair
31.01.2005 The World after 9/11 - History Conference at University College Cork (UCC)
24.01.2005 Documenting Irish Feminisms: The Second Wave
04.02.2005 University College Cork (UCC) hosts International Conference on Mental Health
07.02.2005 UCC and University College Dublin (UCD) announce National Institute for Chinese Studies
09.02.2005 God and Science - Last Lecture Series
09.02.2005 Creating a New Vision for IT
10.02.2005 Internationally Renowned Director to lecture at University College Cork (UCC)
10.02.2005 UCC Seminar to examine implications of new Residential Tenancies Legislation
15.02.2005 Seminar on Assistive Technology
15.02.2005 Esat BT Donates euro10,000 to World Class Research at UCC
21.02.2005 International Cultures Week at University College Cork (UCC)
02.03.2005 BUPA Ireland Research Centre - euro2.5 Million Donation to UCC
02.03.2005 University College Cork Continues to Attract Excellent Students Nationwide
25.02.2005 My Family and Other Animals - What It Means to Share Genes - Public Lecture
25.02.2005 Pupils reach for the stars at University College Cork (UCC)
22.02.2005 Cork Harbour put under the knife?
11.03.2005 Brown Thomas Cork Steps into spring for International Women's Day
04.03.2005 "Inventing Traditions" - A History of Regional and 'National' Cuisine - UCC Conference
11.03.2005 Healthy Bread Product Wins UCC Food Innovation Prize
11.03.2005 Exciting New Initiative for Speciality Food Producers at University College Cork (UCC)
11.03.2005 "George Moore: Literature and the Arts" - UCC Conference
11.03.2005 Ó Faoláin Letters Launched at University College Cork (UCC)
11.03.2005 "Yeats the Love Poet" - Public Lecture at UCC
11.03.2005 "Sustaining the Family Business" - Irish Family Business Conference 2005
11.03.2005 University Reform in Ireland: Article by Prof. Enda McDonagh - Response by Prof. Áine Hyland
14.03.2005 Happy Birthday Einstein!
14.03.2005 Dangerous Darwin - Last Lecture Series
23.03.2005 New Vice-President for Research Policy & Support at University College Cork
22.03.2005 MBS in Business Information Systems - Innovative Software Business Investment Pitch
16.03.2005 UCC Academics Elected to the Royal Irish Academy
04.04.2005 Annual Chemistry Award Lecture - University College Cork
13.04.2005 Community and Social Services Responses to Asylum Seekers - Conference
11.04.2005 UCC Conference to Examine a Number of Urgent Themes in Environmental Law
11.04.2005 International Conference on Visual Literacy at University College Cork (UCC)
11.04.2005 Who Killed Kennedy?
06.04.2005 Shanghai Delegation Visits UCC
06.04.2005 John Major to give Keynote Address on Family Business
05.04.2005 UCC leads the way in Marie Curie Research Funding
12.04.2005 Bookends Conference 2005
15.04.2005 Science for All Competition - UCC Postgrads to Make Everything Clear, 20 April
22.03.2005 "Nature's Robots" in Milk under the Microscope at UCC, 19-22 April
18.04.2005 UCC Academic selected as Carnegie Scholar
25.04.2005 Weighing the Risk - Last Lecture Series, 27 April
25.04.2005 Science for All - A Winner
21.04.2005 Voice Management Workshop at UCC, 23 April
20.04.2005 UCC students demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills at the Enterprise Awards Final
19.04.2005 Cork Centre 'Going Dutch' on Food for Health, 22 April
18.04.2005 UCC Academics awarded Fellowships
03.05.2005 UCC Sports Star Awards 2004/2005
28.04.2005 Irish Scientists Unlock Secrets of Irish Coral Reef
28.04.2005 The Microscopic Environment - Conference, 28/29 April
25.04.2005 Report on Quality Review of UCC
04.05.2005 Good Idea Awards 2005
28.04.2005 TRASNA - UCC Festival of Music, 6-8 May
05.05.2005 Appointment of Dr Deirdre Madden, BL to complete Report on Post Mortem Practices
04.05.2005 The Points Race - Institutional Child Abuse, 11 May
03.05.2005 Freemasons to Support Medical Research Project at UCC
03.05.2005 University College Cork (UCC) hosts the British and Irish Spenser Meeting, 7 May
06.05.2005 Music & Political Culture - UCC Conference, 19-22 May
16.05.2005 UCC celebration of Cork - Shanghai Sister-City Relationship, 19 May
18.05.2005 Programming Initative for Secondary Schools at University College Cork (UCC), 18 May
20.05.2005 UCC launches MA in the History of Irish Media and Journalism
06.05.2005 UCC's History of Art presents Major Lecture Series, 26-27 May
20.05.2005 Codes and Cryptography - UCC Conference, 23-24 May
23.05.2005 Energy, Environment and Economics - Last Lecture Series, 25 May
25.05.2005 RTE 6.01 News report on UCC, 24 May - Correction
26.05.2005 University College Cork (UCC) hosts French Studies Conference, 27 May
24.05.2005 Live the Good Life at UCC - World Digestive Day, 27 May
16.05.2005 HONORARY CONFERRINGS 2005 - University College Cork, 3 June
26.05.2005 University Women of Europe (UWE) - UCC Conference, 10-12 June
20.05.2005 UCC appoints Director of the Environmental Research Institute (ERI)
01.06.2005 UCC Professor of Italian receives honour from Presidente della Repubblica, 2 June
08.06.2005 Irish Cabinet visit Best Public Building in Ireland - the Lewis Glucksman Gallery at UCC, 8 June
08.06.2005 Taoiseach lays Foundation Stone for The Cavanagh Pharmacy Building at University College Cork (UCC), 8 June
08.06.2005 Ó Riada Collection presented to An Taoiseach at University College Cork (UCC), 8 June
13.06.2005 Ireland's Largest Science Website Launched, 13 June
15.06.2005 Irish Latin American Studies Association Conference, 18 June
16.06.2005 Summer Conferrings at University College Cork (UCC), 16 June
20.06.2005 University College Cork (UCC) hosts the 14th Irish-Australian Conference
24.06.2005 BioTransfer Unit launched and BioInnovation Centre opened at UCC, 24 June
21.06.2005 Award for Lewis Glucksman Gallery
28.06.2005 Major International Survey of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises
30.06.2005 Science Summer Camps 2005 - a resounding success, 4-8 July
30.06.2005 Construction Industry to benefit from new programme launched at UCC
30.06.2005 UCC's President's Awards for Excellence in Teaching, 2005
04.07.2005 Forum for the Advancement of Continuing Education (FACE) - UCC Conference, 6-8 July
05.07.2005 European Agricultural Development - Programme Launch
08.07.2005 Unique UCC course addresses IT jobs crisis
21.07.2005 UCC hosts e-Law Summer Institute, 18 July-12 August
28.07.2005 Glucksman on Stirling Award Short List
20.07.2005 New finding on the action of ecstacy by UCC Researcher
15.07.2005 UCC hosts the annual International Latin and Greek Summer School
14.07.2005 UCC hosts the 4th Occupation UK and Ireland Occupational Science Symposium, 8-9 September
26.08.2005 University College Cork (UCC) hosts the European Dental Materials Conference
30.08.2005 University College Cork (UCC) hosts international conference on the Contemporary French Theatre
31.08.2005 Summer School to spark lively debate on our health system - Fourth Population Health Summer School
31.08.2005 University College Cork (UCC) to host major archaeology event
31.08.2005 Guaranteed Irish? - Last Lecture Series, 7 September
02.09.2005 UCC hosts the 4th Occupation UK and Ireland Occupational Science Symposium, 8-9 September
01.09.2005 Director of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to lecture at UCC, 8 September
12.09.2005 Does Mental Illness Exist? - Last Lecture Series, 21 September
13.09.2005 Supporting Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship - A Network Approach - 21 September
26.08.2005 University College Cork (UCC) hosts Medical Alumni Conference
13.09.2005 Lab in a Lorry Physics Initiative in UCC, 19-23 September
13.09.2005 Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork, 13 September
12.09.2005 Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork , 12 September 2005
14.09.2005 Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork, 14 September
14.09.2005 Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork, 15 September
14.09.2005 Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork, 16 September
28.09.2005 Ireland Climbs International Competitiveness Rankings
28.09.2005 Profit by Numbers – Last Lecture Series, 5 October
03.10.2005 Innovation in Medical Science - APC Conference, 7 October
04.10.2005 OPEN DAY 2005, 8 October
13.10.2005 Lord David Puttnam to launch MA in Film Studies at UCC, 13 October
01.10.2005 University College Cork is “University of the Year” 2005-2006
13.10.2005 Dictionary of Munster Women Writers to be launched at UCC, 14 October
14.10.2005 Prestigious Award for Dr Catherine Molloy
17.10.2005 Thinking Yourself Better - Last Lecture Series, 19 October
18.10.2005 University College Cork (UCC) opens office in Beijing
20.10.2005 University College Cork (UCC) to establish links with the University of the West Indies
20.10.2005 Head of UCC's School of Medicine elected President of the World Gastroenterology Organisation
20.10.2005 Launch of Irish Universities Association, 19 October
21.10.2005 Presentation of Adult Continuing Education Awards at UCC, 23/23 October
24.10.2005 UCC's Careers Service hosts Two-Day Recruitment Fair, 25-26 October
25.10.2005 One Day Conference on the Celtic Languages in the 21st Century, 1 November
27.10.2005 Brittle Bones and Breaks - Last Lecture Series, 2 November
28.10.2005 Why does language change? - Workshop on Linguistic Diversity at UCC, 4-5 November
01.11.2005 The Cause of Cosmopolitanism in Europe and Beyond - 11,12 November
03.11.2005 Prestigious Appointment for UCC Research Professor
04.11.2005 "Days of St Petersburg" at UCC and Cork city, 8-11 November
07.11.2005 UCC's Medical School Honours its Students at Annual Prize-giving Ceremony
07.11.2005 University College Cork (UCC) acquires Woodford Bourne Archive
07.11.2005 Science Week 2005 at University College Cork, 14-18 November
08.11.2005 Lecture on Child Protection at University College Cork (UCC), 15 November
08.11.2005 Integrating Health Research-Sharing Visions - UCC Conference, 25 November
08.11.2005 UCC's Careers Service hosts Education Expo, 17 November
09.11.2005 Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour: Questions and Answers, 16 November
17.11.2005 University College Cork (UCC) launches Bilingual Website, 18 November
22.11.2005 Leading in the Age of Identity - Lecture by Management Expert, 25 November
22.11.2005 Irish Universities & Companies take 25% of an entire European R&D Fund
28.11.2005 Brookfield Health Sciences Complex - Official Opening, 28 November
29.11.2005 President Mary McAleese to launch Anthology of Children's Work at Cork City School
29.11.2005 Where is Moore's Law Taking Us - Last Lecture Series, 30 November
30.11.2005 The University and the City - UCC Lecture, 2 December
30.11.2005 The Atlas of Cork City
08.12.2005 Statement by the Irish Universities Association on the Budget
06.12.2005 New Book Celebrates UCC in Words and Pictures
08.12.2005 Does Evolution have a Destination, Even a Destiny? - Last Lecture Series, 14 December
09.12.2005 Distinguished UCC Graduates Honoured - Alumni Awards '05
13.12.2005 Ireland's Brightest Students Honoured at University College Cork Ceremony
14.12.2005 Alimentary Health Ltd announces Gastrointestinal Licensing Agreement with Procter & Gamble
14.12.2005 Winter Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork (UCC), 14 December 2005
15.12.2005 Winter Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork (UCC), 15 December
16.12.2005 Winter Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork (UCC), 16 December
20.12.2005 UCC Report shows consumers unaware of their legal rights

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