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Staff Handbook

This Handbook has been prepared to provide new and existing staff with an overview of the University in terms of governance, policies, procedures and physical layout. To get a good understanding of the University, this document should be read in conjunction with the University's Policies and Procedures Manual and the University's Strategic Plan.


Mission Statement / UCC Strategic Plan       

Code of Conduct          

Equal Employment Opportunities          

Employment Records   


Terms and Conditions

Child Protection and Welfare    

Probationary Period      

Resignation / Retirement


Out of Hours Payments

Personal Information    

Data Protection

Performance Management        

Administrative Promotion

Academic Promotion

Salary scales - All Staff

Salary scales - Research Staff

Training and Development        


Pension / Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA)



Adoptive Leave

Annual Leave   

Carers Leave   

Career Break

Compassionate Leave / Bereavement Leave     

Conferring Leave

Domestic Violence Leave Policy

Exam Leave

Force Majeure and Emergency Family Leave     

Jury Duty         

Marriage/Civil Partnership Leave

Maternity Leave

Military Leave

Parent’s Leave

Parental Leave 

Part-Time Employees and Public Holidays         

Paternity Leave

Reduced Working Week

Sabbatical Leave

Shorter Working Year

Sick Leave (Certified)

Sick Leave (Casual)

Sporting Competition

Statutory Leave – Public Holidays

Study Leave

Training Leave

Unpaid Leave of Absence

Wedding Leave


Policies and Procedures        

Accounts Payable Policies and Forms

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Duty of Respect and Right to Dignity Policy

Disciplinary Appeals Procedure 

Complaints / Grievance Procedure        

Intellectual Property

Tobacco Policy

Health and Safety        

Visual Display Units     

Information Technology Acceptable Use

Communication Policy

Conflict of Interest        

Disclosures Policy  



Governance and Management

The Governing Body

Comprehensive information on Governing Body is provided by the Office of Corporate and Legal Affairs.  On their site you will find [amongst other things] information on the following:

  • Members
  • Committees
  • Schedule of Meetings
  • Reports to Staff of Meetings
  • Minutes
  • Code of Practice - GB Members


Academic Council

HR Policies & Procedures

Full list of policies and procedures

Pay & Tax

Payroll Office

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

EDI Unit & Staff Networks

Staff Training & Development

Training and Development Programmes

Strategic Development

Please click here for information on the strategic plan of the university.


Updated November 2023

Human Resources

Acmhainní Daonna

Ground Floor, Block E, Food Science Building, UCC