Provision of Employment References

Provision of Employment References


  1. This policy sets out the procedure to be followed by employees of University College Cork who in their professional capacity as employees of the University are requested to provide references.


  1. This policy applies to all employees of the University who provide a reference in a professional capacity. It also applies to all references supplied on UCC headed notepaper or in any format which identifies the reference provider as an employee of University College Cork, including the UCC reference request proforma.


  1. There is no legal requirement on a referee to provide a reference on an individual.  However, if a reference is provided, it must be accurate and fair in the overall impression it gives to the recipient.
  2. Generally all data given in a reference should be based on fact or capable of verification.
  3. Referees should be careful about giving any subjective opinion about an individual’s performance, conduct or suitability, which they cannot substantiate with factual evidence.  The language used should be as factual as possible and where opinions are expressed this should be clearly stated.
  4. Where members of a Selection Committee for a UCC post are nominated as a referee, a candidate will be advised that only one member of the Committee may provide a reference. In the event that a Selection Committee member does provide a reference, such a reference may only be factual in content and cannot recommend the candidate for appointment.
  5. While all reference information is requested and accepted in confidence, it may be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 1997 and Freedom of Information (Amendment) Act 2003.  Protection is not afforded to public sector employees who provide references in their professional capacity and for this reason the University is unable to guarantee that references will be kept confidential.


  1. It is recommended that references where provided, are headed Private and Confidential and where possible addressed to a named individual. E-mail is also an acceptable format.


Internal Reference Request Proforma for Admin Posts

Internal Reference Request Proforma for Academic Posts

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