Wellbeing & Development

The role of the Staff Wellbeing & Development function is to:

  • deliver a central programme of training courses and programmes to all staff;
  • provide a range of targeted training initiatives to specific staff groups;
  • discuss and enable bespoke development initiatives for individuals, teams and departments;
  • provide support for staff undertaking course of study in line with UCC policy;
  • provide assistance and guidance on a range of personal development requirements;
  • assist with the outcomes of performance and development reviews (PDRS) and other ways that development needs of staff are identified;  
  • promote and support staff welfare initiatives. 


 The Staff Wellbeing & Development team are based in the HR Offices, Room 201, 1st Floor, Food Science Building, UCC 


Staff Wellbeing & Development Manager  Anne Gannon (021) 490 3860
Staff  Development Advisor Mary Horgan (021) 490 3659
Staff  Wellbeing & Development Advisor Sylvia Curran (021) 490 1814
Executive Assistant Cal Doyle (021) 490 3591

Do not hesitate to contact us via the general email - traininganddevelopment@ucc.ie or any of us individually. 

Updated: April 2017

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