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Staff Wellbeing & Development

Staff Wellbeing & Development covers a number of broad areas relating to staff development and staff wellbeing.  The team produces an annual schedule of development opportunities responding to training needs identified through the Performance and Development Review System, the University’s Strategic and Annual Operational Plans and in response to national and international developments.  

The Team

The Staff Wellbeing & Development team are based in the HR Offices, Room 201, 1st Floor, Block E, Food Science Building, UCC. 

Staff Wellbeing & Development Manager  Anne Gannon (021) 490 3860
Staff Development Advisor Mary Horgan (021) 490 3659
Staff Wellbeing & Development Advisor Vacant (021) 490 1814
Staff Development Advisor Grace Conway (021) 490 3910
Senior Executive Assistant Vacant (021) 490 3591

If you are interested in finding out more about anything that we do contact us via or any of us individually. 

FEEDBACK:  Staff Wellbeing and Development are continually looking at ways in which we can improve our programmes, initiatives, supports and service.  We therefore welcome all advise and suggestions on how we can improve.  Please email us in confidence with your feedback to .  If your feedback specifically relates to Wellbeing, please email  We would be delighted to hear from you.   

Updated: Feb 2020

Staff Wellbeing & Development

First Floor, Block E, Food Science Building, UCC, T12 YN60