UCC Giving Back

UCC "Giving Back" HR Excellence in Research

In an effort to assist other Universities with the HR Excellence in Research process UCC wishes to "give back" by sharing our experience with Universities throughout Europe. One of the main reasons UCC has chosen to give back to the HR Excellence in Research Community is to show our gratitude for the benefits that this process has brought to UCC. We hope to help other organisations access the same benefits as we did. We also believe that the best way to thank those who have helped us along the way is to pay it forward by helping other organisations.

This programme is also a wonderful opportunity to networkwith other professionals who may be facing the same issues as you with regards to organisational implementation of HRS4R thus creating valuable connections for the future.

To this end UCC HR has provided many online live sessions to Universities throughout Europe in every aspect of the HR Excellence in Research Process. There is great engagement with these sessions with an average viewership of 86 people.  Participants hail from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Norway and more.

We believe, and feedback confirms, that this programme is of interest to participants and is an example of HR Excellence in Research in action. 


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