Learning Outcomes

Odyssey Programme UCC - Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be enabled to apply the change in perspective encouraged in this programme to willingly explore and progress new career prospects.  Researchers and PhD's will gain a deeper awareness of the variety of interesting and challenging career options that exist beyond academia.  They will be in a position to analyse and appraise the current job market and the many opportunities available to them.  They will be able to appreciate the cultural differences and different metrics of success in organisations beyond academia, enhancing their potential for future leadership and impact in multiple sectors. This programme complements the Employment and Career Management Structure for Researchers and the wide-ranging programmes already provided to UCC’s researchers in programmes such as the Post Doc Development Hub, Researchers towards Industry, Research Skills Training and Professional Skills for Research Leaders.

Current training at UCC focuses on transferrable skills and research skills training.  This is our next step and builds on what is already being provided to our researchers in UCC.  It envisages that these researchers will become “academia to beyond academia” ambassadors creating pathways to and from third level to other high performing organisations. It also embraces the principles of the HR Excellence in Research Award  which highlights the need for new and pioneering initiatives which support career development programmes for today’s researchers and PhD's. 

To evaluate the effectiveness of this pilot programme HR Research will monitor the progress of the participants over a two year period to determine the career outcomes of the pilotee’s. An analysis of the specific characteristics of this pilot will be compiled inclusive of detailed feedback from participants (including before and after interviews and questionnaires) leading to a more enhanced programme highlighting areas for improvement and development. We will work to improve the programme using the research and learning gained from the pilot to better achieve programme objectives when it becomes available mainstream.   

Further one to one assistance is provided by CV clinics and  career action planning facilitated by HR Research for the participants in the programme to encourage participants to put this programme to use. 


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