Progression Across the Merit Bar

Progression Across the Merit Bar 2022


Briefing sessions on the Progression Across the Merit Bar Scheme will be provided on:

  • Tuesday 10th May 2022 15:00-16:00
  • Friday 13th May 2022 16:00 – 17:00
  • Thursday 19th May 10:00 – 11:00

These sessions will be will be advertised separately and will focus on giving an overview of the PAMB process and advise you on making an application under the revised procedures.  We invite all potential applicants to attend one of the briefing sessions.  There will also be an opportunity for Questions and Answers at these briefing sessions. 

Please note that applicants are required to submit their application via ESS on or before the closing date of 14th June 2022 at 12 noon.


Any queries can be emailed to

Eligibility to Apply

The following are eligible to apply under the Scheme:

All Lecturers at or above the top 5 points of Lecturer Below the Bar Salary Scale, holding a current appointment at UCC and with a Doctorate from a recognised institution (or equivalent evidence of high-level research achievement), providing they have completed probation in post at UCC and have at least three years continuous service as a Lecturer, two of which are in UCC, as at the closing date for application.

Eligibility to partake in the Scheme is confirmed by Human Resources following the closing date for receipt of applications.

For further information see paragraph 1.1 Eligibility to Apply in the Policy on Progression Across the Merit Bar. 

There are now two stages to the application process:

(i) Submission of an Expression of Interest/Shortlisting Stage; 

(ii) Submission of a Full Application.

Applicants should note that Expressions of Interest will not be accepted after the specified time on 12 noon, Tuesday 14th June 2022. Expressions of Interest must be submitted online via the University College Cork vacancy portal (ESS) at

Please note: This is Expression of Interest/Shortlisting Stage only (Stage 1 of the application process)

An Expression of Interest comprises a concise five page CV which includes a summary of significant achievements under each of the following headings: Learning and Teaching, Research and Innovation, and Contribution to Academic Citizenship and Engagement. Please use the template provided below, which may be downloaded. Candidates should list their top five publications or other research outputs separately on p.6 of the template. Please note that the template may not be altered in any way and that failure to adhere to page limits will render the application null and void. Following consideration of expressions of interest, the College Level Board shall shortlist those deemed to have established a prima facie case for progression.

Please note: To establish a prima facie case for Progression, candidates must satisfy all of the essential criteria listed under each subheading, as set out in Appendix 1 of the Policy on Progression Across the Merit Bar  

Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to make a full application. Non-shortlisted candidates will be notified at this stage and will receive written feedback from the College Level Board, with the option of requesting an in-person feedback session with the Head of College, Chair of the College Level Board, and the Head of School.

Details submitted as part of the Expression of Interest stage of this Progression Process (including for example, any details submitted as part of a PAMB Statutory Leave Form and Personal Circumstances / Covid 19 Statements Template) will be shared with Board members, the Human Resources Department and where applicable, members of the Academic Promotions Appeals Board (Stage 2 appeals)  Full details of how your personal data is processed by the University are available at   

Inclusion of Statutory Leave

The University acknowledges that periods during which an individual may have been on Statutory Leave may have impacted on an individual’s performance as judged against the progression criteria.

In the Policy (‘the Scheme’), ‘Statutory Leave’ refers to maternity leave, paternity leave, parental or adoption leave, carer’s leave and/or any other protected leave which may be provided for in Statute from time to time.

The PAMB Statutory Scheme Leave Form must be completed on the relevant screen by all candidates who wish to have Statutory Leave taken into account at the time of Expression of Interest and if shortlisted, at Full Application. For further details, please see paragraph 5.4 in the Policy on Progression Across the Merit Bar available at the link below

Assessing Personal Circumstances/ COVID 19 Impact

The University acknowledges the contributions of staff made during the Covid-19 pandemic. Candidates may elect to submit details of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the individual’s opportunities during that time. For example, this may include but is not limited to: access to laboratories and other resources, access to primary data or opportunities to travel abroad to disseminate research or personal circumstances.

Personal circumstances, as set out for consideration in UCC’s academic progression and promotion schemes, recognises periods of time or significant events which involve prolonged interruption or significant impact on an academic colleague’s capacity to work. This includes but is not limited to; disruptions caused by major illness/ injury, carer responsibilities, disability and personal trauma. This could include current and/or past circumstances of impact.

 There is no requirement to describe specific details about sensitive issues e.g. medical condition.  Where it is important to share sensitive details of the relevant circumstances to be accurately understood, the applicant should share this information via a private discussion with the relevant Board Chair or the Chair’s Nominee.

The information is collected for the primary purpose of assessing the candidate’s application for academic progression/promotion and will be handled in line with Data Protection guidelines. Information contained within the application (excluding any sensitive information shared privately as per above) will be disclosed to the Board inclusive of any external assessors for assessment purposes. For further details, please see paragraph 5.5 in the Policy on Progression Across the Merit Bar available at the link below.

Contact Details and Links to Documents 

For full details of the process, including criteria relevant to the Expression of Interest and Full Application stage, see the policy on Progression Across the Merit Bar (link below) 

Candidates should apply, in confidence, before 12 noon (Irish Local Time) on 12 noon, Tuesday 14th June 2022

For all queries contact 

Progression Across the Merit Bar Policy

 CV Template - Progression 2022

PAMB Statutory Leave Form

Personal Circumstance / COVID 19 Impact Statement Template

Guidelines for Personal Circumstance / COVID 19 Impact Statement

Rubric, Progression Across the Merit Bar 2022

Projected Schedule of PAMB / Academic Promotions


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