e-Learning blended with Workshops 2017

The Post Doc Hub provides access to a suite of 5 Modules to assist you with your professional training and development.  We believe that a blended approach to this learning works best.  That is why we have scheduled Blended Workshops at dates listed below to complement the online material contained in the modules.  

If you want to book your training please contact Cal Doyle at cal.doyle@ucc.ie

For information regarding the content of any of the training sessions please contact the workshop facilitator or Mary O'Regan at marykate.oregan@ucc.ie



1. Developing and Consolidating your Research Career

This course enables participants to identify strategies, tools, opportunities and people to help establish themselves in their research career, set realistic goals for career development and understand the importance of measuring progress towards them.

  • Career pathways
  • Enhancing your track record
  • Building breadth and depth in your career strategy
  • Increasing your public profile
  • Contributing to the development of the discipline (including peer review)
  • Monitoring your development and success

Blended Workshop 21 July 2017 facilitated by the UCC Careers Office in North Wing Conference Room



2. Funding your Research

The course helps participants gain a good understanding of the complete grant application process, an awareness of factors that influence funding decisions and and potential pitfalls. It also demonstrate the skills necessary to write applications for grants and other types of funding (fellowships, contracts, philanthropic support) that are compelling and competitive to help secure funding for your research.

  • Competitive contexts
  • Planning your grant (choosing a topic, team, source of funding, estimating costs and time, collaborators, pods with specific national grant information)
  • Writing the grant (creating a persuasive argument, demonstrating impact, tips for good grant writing)
  • Managing your grant requirements (reporting, contract and IPR, budget management, university requirements)
  • Applying for research fellowships

Blended Workshop 27 October 2017 facilitated by UCC Research Support Services (RSS) in North Wing Conference Room




3. Communicating your Research

This course helps participants understand the key principles that underpin all effective communication, identify the most appropriate channels and develop a tailored communication strategy that takes account of your personal style and circumstances.


  • Your communication strategy
  • Publishing Dealing with the media
  • Internal communications
  • Digital tools and approaches


Blended Workshop 15 September 2017 facilitated by Dr Joanne Fearon in North Wing Conference Room




4. Statistics for Researchers

The goal of this programme is to strengthen your ability to use statistics when conducting your research work. It teaches how to plan and execute a strategy for data analysis which explores and answers specific example research questions.

This programme is also deliberately designed so that the key statistical skills learned here are transferable to other areas for use in your subsequent career.

Blended Workshop 01 September 2017 facilitated by Dr Kathleen O'Sullivan School of Mathematical Sciences in North Wing Conference Room





5. Research Integrity

The Research Integrity (RI) programme is designed to provide postgraduate students, new faculty and research staff with a basic understanding of responsible research practices in their area of study.  Researchers are expected to set high standards for integrity in all aspects of their work. Some, unfortunately, do not. Small numbers engage in major misconduct; larger numbers from time to time fail to follow best practices.

The first step towards responsible practice is knowing what is expected. Research is a complex activity, directed by many rules, guidelines and so-called ‘commonly accepted practices’. Researchers are not routinely introduced to best practices, making it difficult to know what is expected. This is particularly true for researchers in training, new faculty and research staff.

The RI programme provides a common framework and content for learning and thinking about responsible professional behaviour in research. If adopted widely at your institution, it will help ensure that your researchers:

  • Know the basics
  • Know now where to get more information
  • Know your institution’s expectations for integrity and responsibility in research.

 Blended Workshop To be announced facilitated by Dr Liam Marnane Head of Graduate Studies in North Wing Conference Room


These modules are accessed through Blackboard.  You can request logins to access this suite of modules at:  LTU@ucc.ie 

Please use the module code:  ucc-postdoc when requesting access. 

Blended Learning

We believe that a blended approach to the on-line learning would benefit you most. This enables you to self-pace with the support of an instructor led workshop.

The following offices will support the suite of modules above by offering complementary workshops to support the on-line material:

  • Human Resources
  • Office of the VP Research and Innovation
  • Careers Office
  • School of Mathematical Sciences
  • Graduate Studies


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