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President's Statement of Inclusion

Inclusion towards the research community in UCC

Dear Colleagues,


A successful research enterprise is critical to the success of UCC. At present, we have almost 1,000 research staff members at UCC.  These research staff members work closely with academic staff and postgraduate students as part of an overall research landscape. 


Is the hard work of our research staff members adequately represented in the community work necessary for the effective operation of the university?


Despite the value they bring as a group, the university suffers from the absence of their voice.  Recent survey results and focus group discussions indicate that researchers are only included in formal Academic Unit, School/College meetings and RICU leadership teams in a very limited number of cases despite the survey showing that more than 63% of research staff would be willing to contribute on School, College Committees and other academic activities.  Inclusion is a cornerstone of UCC’s values therefore, we must proactively change the way we include the research voice.


There are examples of best practice in UCC such as Academic Council and the Academic Council Academic Staff Development Committee, in addition to a number of Schools which actively engage researchers in internal committees and decision making to the benefit of all.  These committees bring value and relevance to the discussions and decisions made, thus ensuring the research perspective is heard.  In addition to the benefit to the School, College or RICU, the individual researchers benefit in terms of career development from involvement in academic decision making, leadership, management, etc.


I ask you to take proactive steps to promote and support an inclusive, vibrant and successful research culture within UCC by including our research staff within the community of your Department, School and College.


Yours sincerely,



Professor Patrick G. O’Shea,


Professor Patrick G. O’Shea FIAE, FIEEE, FAPS, FAAAS| President | University College Cork |College Road |Cork T12 K8AF | Ireland | | Phone +353 (0)21 4903623

Department of Human Resources - HR Research

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