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In 2008 University College Cork was obliged to suspend all promotions because of its budgetary situation. In 2011 the Employment Control Framework for the Higher Education Sector was revised which allowed the University a limited capacity to offer promotions. SIPTU, on behalf of its members, sought the reinstatement of a job evaluation scheme.  On 14th March 2014, the Labour Court in respect of a claim under section 26 (1) of the Industrial Relations Act 1990 brought by SIPTU on behalf of administrative staff in UCC issued the following recommendation (LCR 20724) which stated:

It is noted that the cessation of the job evaluation scheme arose in circumstances which are of general application across the public service. While the University has a limited capacity to effect promotions, what is being sought is a reinstatement of a job evaluation scheme.

It is noted that within the current restraints on all public service bodies the University is prepared to review the job evaluation scheme and has invited the union to participate in the review. In the context of that review the University should ensure that the grades associated with this claim are not placed at a disadvantage vis-à-vis other grades within the University, including academic and technical staff.

On that basis the Union should reconsider its position in relation to participation in the review.

Following engagement between University management and SIPTU in 2016 a promotions round, comparable with academic promotion schemes, took place in respect of administrative grades. Following the completion of that round a review of the process was carried out.

In that context it has now been agreed between the parties to formally constitute an administrative promotions scheme which will facilitate regular calls for promotion on a similar frequency to such calls in respect of academic staff. The scheme will fully comprehend clerical/administrative  grades in all areas of the University. The numbers of promotions available will be contingent on the University’s financial position, consistent with its Strategic Plan.

The Administrative Promotions Scheme will apply to the following administrative grades: Senior Executive Assistant, Senior Library Assistant, Admin V (Grade 5), Admin III (Grade 6), Admin II (Grade 6A), Admin I (Grade 7), Senior Admin IV (Grade 8), Senior Admin III.

Promotion will be to the next grade only (e.g. a current Executive Assistant can only be promoted to Senior Executive Assistant, a current Senior Executive Assistant can only be promoted to Admin V etc.)


Promotions Round 2022/2023

The University proposes to issue a call for administrative promotions commencing in the first semester of the academic year 2022/2023 which will apply to staff in the following administrative grades: Executive Assistant, Library Assistant, Senior Executive Assistant, Senior Library Assistant, Admin V (Grade 5), Admin III (Grade 6), Admin II (Grade 6A), Admin I (Grade 7), Senior Admin IV (Grade 8).


Number of Promotions

There will be a total of 60 promotions available. These are allocated across the individual grades from which the call for promotion is being made based on the proportion of staff in that grade as a ratio of the total and these will be distributed as follows:


Executive Assistant/Library Assistant to

Senior Executive Assistant/Senior Library Assistant



Senior Executive Assistant/Senior Library Assistant to Admin V (Grade 5)


Admin V to Admin III (Grade 6)


Admin III to Admin II (Grade 6a)


Admin II to Admin I (Grade 7)


Admin I to Senior Admin IV (Grade 8)


Senior Admin IV (Grade 8) to Senior Admin III


Promotion will be to the next grade only (e.g. a current Executive Assistant can only be promoted to Senior Executive Assistant, a current Senior Executive Assistant can only be promoted to Admin V etc.)



In order to be eligible to apply for promotion there will be a minimum service requirement of 2 years in the current grade from which promotion is sought.


Selection process

The University will issue calls for promotions which will be issued on a phased basis. The first call will be for candidates applying for promotion from Executive Assistant to Senior Executive Assistant. The next will be for candidates applying for promotion from Senior Executive Assistant to Admin V and so forth. Any call for applications will have a deadline attached which will be strictly adhered to and under no circumstances can late applications be accepted.  

Candidates will be required to complete an application form. On this form, candidates will be invited to give an example per competency of how they have demonstrated the competencies relative to the promotional grade for which they have applied. The competencies relative to each grade will be clearly defined and communicated in advance of the call.

While it is the responsibility and prerogative of an eligible candidate seeking promotion to submit an application, applicants are strongly recommended to discuss any proposed application with their Line Manager in advance, for advice and guidance.

There will be a single dedicated Interview Board for each call for promotion but the University reserves the right to constitute more than one interview board for a call if the number of applicants is very large. The composition of the Interview Board shall reflect the University’s commitment to principles of equality and diversity and gender representation must be achieved.

All eligible candidates will be offered an interview with a relevant Interview Board.

The composition of the Interview Boards will be a minimum of 3 suitably competent people. A Board member will be at least two grades above the interviewees.

All Interview Board members will receive detailed briefing sessions as to their roles and responsibilities.

The Interview Boards will have regard for gender representation (e.g. a 3 person interview board will comprise at least 1 male and 1 female interviewer).

An eligible candidate will be called for interview by the Interview Board on one occasion only and it is a matter for the candidate to ensure that s/he is available to attend.

The interviews will be competency based and 6 competencies have been identified for each grade in line with best practice in the public and civil service. The interview may focus on examples of competencies demonstrated through the application form in addition to examples not identified through the form. As each interview will be specific to the individual candidate and his/her own experience, questions asked will generally be unique to individual candidates but will, in all instances, be competency specific.

The decisions made by the Interview Boards will be final.


Starting Pay/Annual Leave

Where there is an overlap in salary scales, a successful candidate’s salary will ordinarily be determined on the basis of the nearest point on the new scale (not below current salary) plus one point. Where there is no overlap in scales, the first point of the new scale will apply on promotion. All other terms and conditions attaching to the promotion will be that which would ordinarily apply on promotion or appointment to a new post at a higher grade. In this context successful candidates will maintain their current annual leave entitlement if the leave entitlement for the grade to which they are promoted is lesser than their current entitlement subject to a maximum entitlement of 30 days annual leave. Those staff with a current annual leave entitlement of greater than 30 days will have their leave entitlement reduced to 30 days.


Assignment of successful candidates

The University reserves the right, based on the overall outcome of the promotion call, to deploy resources in order to achieve maximum efficiency in line with service needs and priorities.

In the event that the current assignment of a promoted staff member expires (for example, due to the cessation of a temporary contract), the staff member concerned will be redeployed into another role at the promoted grade in line with the service needs/priorities of the University. 



It is envisaged that from the date of the placing of the call for each promotion round, the process will be completed ordinarily in up to 12 weeks.

Following formal approval of this scheme and confirmation that the relevant funding is in place management will issue the first call for administrative promotions (i.e. from Executive Assistant to Senior Executive Assistant).

The parties agree to review the process upon its completion and upon the completion of all subsequent calls.

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