Survey Results 2016

UCC Researcher Survey Results 2016


In 2016 University College Cork launched 2 surveys:


1. Survey of current UCC Research Staff

2. Survey of Former UCC Research Staff 


The results are very positive overall and also identified areas where improvements can and will be made.  The surveys are a measure of UCC’s commitment to our research staff and to the European Commission HR Excellence in Research Award. The provision of favourable terms and conditions of employment for researchers, open transparent and merit based recruitment, training and development opportunities and upholding the principles of responsible conduct of research are all of great significance to the university.


One metric that we can all be proud of is:


73% of researchers who have left UCC would recommend UCC as a good employer of researchers


One of the main objectives of these surveys is to provide data to inform the HR Excellence in Research process in UCC where change or further development is required.


See link to the Report here2016 Research Staff Survey Report

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