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Online Sessions 2022

Online Sessions 2022

All sessions are scheduled from 11.00am to Noon on Fridays unless indicated otherwise


Date Session Title Facilitator Status

Motivation Skills for Research Staff

Motivation is difficult to define, yet easy to lose. This workshop examines how researchers can enhance or recover their motivation from a theoretical and practical point of view. A three-stage plan to reset researcher motivation will be presented. Procrastination is a particular manifestation of reduced motivation and a toolkit for reducing procrastination will be co-developed in the workshop.

Dr Joanne Uí Chrualaoich Food Science

Motivation Skills 2022


Career Planning for you

  • Why it’s important to plan your career
  • Steps to consider
  • Setting S*M*A*R*T objectives
  • Stretching your plan without becoming unrealistic
  • Measuring your plan during the year

Mary Kate O'Regan HR Research

Career Planning 2022

18-Feb-22 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Eamon Curtin IGNITE  Confirmed
25 February 2022

Making that Transition

  • Transition to a Leadership Role
  • Different Leadership Styles

Mary Kate O'Regan HR Research

Career Transition to Leadership Role 2022


Maximising Professional Effectiveness

Everyone knows people who just seem to get more done. This workshop has been designed to interrogate the personal characteristics that support such professional productivity. Topics covered include effective time management, prioritisation and action programme planning.

Dr Joanne Uí Chrualaoich Food Science

Professional Effectiveness 2022


11-Mar-22 Communication and Presentation skills 

Dr Joanne Uí Chrualaoich Food Science

Communication 2022

25-Mar-22 Non-Academic CV's

Mary Kate O'Regan HR Research

A Generic Researcher CV

A Generic CV PhD

A Non Academic CV Presentation

01-Apr-22 Grant Writing

Dr Amanda Forde and Niamh Mundow RSS UCC

Grant Writing Dr Amanda Forde Grant Writing April 2022

Grant Writing Niamh Mundow Grant Writing UCC 2022

08-Apr-22 New Horizons: Sourcing and Accessing Non-Academic Career Opportunities

Mary McCarthy Careers Service UCC

See Presentation here Accessing Non Academic Jobs

More info here Alumni LinkedIn UCC

See further link here

SCOT Analysis



Personal Branding Workbook 2020

29-Apr-22 Team Building

Dr Joanne Uí Chrualaoich Food Science

Link to recorded session

See presentation hereTeam Development

Link to video referenced during session

6-May-22  Wellbeing supports for Researchers

Susan O'Mahony Human Resources

Presentation: UCC Wellbeing Supports

To be rescheduled Supervising and Working with PhD Students  Dr Catherine O'Mahony The Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning TBC
To be rescheduled Gateway UCC

Myriam Cronin Gateway UCC



Data Management

During this session participants will look at the structure and content of research data management plans. The session will also consider the requirements of FAIR and/or Open Data and how you can adapt your data management plan to result in a shareable and reusable dataset post-project

Dr Aoife Coffee Library FAIR Data


An Intro to Data Management


Commercial Awareness and Knowledge Transfer

The topic will explain why commercialisation of research is important and how UCC Innovation will work on behalf of UCC and your research to create impact from UCC’s ideas and expertise .

The session also covers international and national innovation policies
How does Knowledge Transfer work in a university. How we create impact from your research in the commercial arena.


David Corkery Innovation UCC 


Commercial Awareness June 2022

01-July-2022 Digital Wellbeing

Susan O'Mahony Human Resources

Presentation Digital Wellbeing




Statistics for Researchers 


Dr Kathleen O'Sullivan School of Mathematical Sciences 


Until the presentation is updated please review the session at the link below.


Link to Recorded Session

Statistics for Researchers 2021 Presentation



Communicating your Research 

Researchers typically develop significant expertise and are comfortable communicating the customary style of their academic discipline. However, this may limit the availability of their research to a lay audience. This workshop pares back the concepts of communication to the basics to examine alternative styles of communication to support researchers in bringing their research to wider, more diverse publics.

Dr Joanne Uí Chrualaoich Food Science


Presentation Communication

07-Oct-22 Project Management Skills Part 1

Dr Joanne Uí Chrualaoich Food Science

Presentation Project Management Part 1 2022

Stakeholder Management Plan Stakeholder Management Plan 2022


Communications Management Plan Template 2022

14/10/2022 Research Integrity

Dr Irene Kavanagh RSS UCC

See presentation

Research Integrity 2022


Preparing your Research Project Budget

The objective of this training programme is to give the user the fundamental financial knowledge required to prepare a budget to support an application for research project funding. It addresses the compliance requirements to be considered from both UCC and funding agency perspectives. The use of practical examples will demonstrate how to accurately forecast key project costs, such as pay and equipment costs whilst also explaining differences between direct and indirect costs

Kevin Goggin Research Finance


 Preparing your Research Project Budget October 2022


Project Management Skills Part 2

Dr Joanne Uí Chrualaoich Food Science

See link to recorded session

See slides Project Management Part 1 2022 and Part  II


Leading a Research Team

Learning outcomes:

  • To explore what leadership is and to identify the differences between management and leadership
  • To identify what make leaders effective
  • To reflect and gain some insight into our own leadership style and approach

Dr Anne Gannon HR Wellbeing & Development Manager

See slides Leadership for Research Team Leaders

18-Nov-2022  The Right to Disconnect Susan O'Mahony HR Staff Wellbeing & Development Advisor




Competency based CV’s

  • Understand where CV’s sit in the overall Recruitment process​​
  • How to construct a CV for beyond academia - Competency based
  • How to articulate your research skills to a non-academic organisation

Mary Kate O’Regan HR Research

Link to Recorded Session 

A Non Academic CV Presentation

A Generic Researcher CV - Competency Based

A Generic CV PhD Competency Based


That Inner Critic & Imposter Syndrome 

  • What is Imposter Syndrome?
  • Some symptoms
  • Role of Self-Belief
  • Growth V. Fixed Mind-set
  • Triggers
  • Strategies to deal with it

Mary Niamh Horgan Human Resources

Presentation Inner Critic



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