Research Orientation

Research Orientation and Information on Staff ID cards

Presentations Researcher Orientation:


June 2022


 HR Research Orientation Presentation  HR Research Orientation June 2022


UCC Research Orientation Presentation  UCC Research June 2022


UCC Innovation Orientation Presentation UCC Innovation June 2022


February 2022

HR Research Orientation Recorded Session can be accessed here


HR Research Orientation Presentation  Feb 2022 Orientation Research


UCC Research Orientation Presentation  Feb 2022 Research Orientation 


UCC Innovation Orientation Presentation Feb Innovation Orientation 2022


August 2021 Orientation

HR Research Induction HR Researcher Orientation HR Research

Innovation UCC Induction David Corkery

OVPRI Induction  HR Researcher Induction OVPRI


June 2021 Orientation

HR Research Orientation:HR Research Orientation Online 2021


Innovation UCC How to Manage IP


Research Support Services RSS Orientation



Research Staff ID Cards

New Staff please email Valerie O'Brien at  You will be sent a link to a form to complete which will allow you to upload your photo.  This will enable HR to generate a new staff card.  It will be posted out to the address provided on the form.

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