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The Odyssey Programme UCC

The Odyssey Programme UCC

UCC has introduced a new programme to enable Research Staff and final year PhD students to pursue rewarding careers beyond academia.  The programme is called The Odyssey Programme as it is a career journey. The programme launched as a pilot in July 2018.  Since then over 300 of UCC's Researchers and PhD students have participated in the 2 day programme in transformative training.

The programme is designed to enable researchers in UCC to adapt, integrate and expand on their existing expertise to prepare for the many diverse career choices ahead of them.  It also highlights the significant differences and/or advantages to the many workplace cultures that exist beyond academia.  In a time of increasing career complexity, researchers must pursue professional opportunities not only in academia but also in industry, government, non-profits, and entrepreneurship. **

The content of the  modules are:

  1. Organisational cultures beyond academia
  2. What are the metrics for success in organisations beyond academia
  3. The numbers - the facts about careers in academia
  4. Fear and personal change
  5. Changing your perspective
  6. Career opportunities available to researchers in a range of work environments
  7. Specific research skills valued by organisations beyond academia
  8. How applications are won and lost
  9. Using research skills resourcefully to move beyond academia
  10. Discover the skills you already have!
  11. Develop a career action plan
  12. Speakers who have successfully transitioned from academia to other domains

It also includes:

  • Meeting with participants individually prior to the programme to explain the programme and get to know them and their career expectations
  • Meeting with participants individually after the programme for individual CV Clinics
  • Tracking the careers of those who completed the programme for 2 years (with their permission of course!)


For further information on the Odyssey Programme please contact Mary Kate O'Regan HR Business Manager Research UCC email: 



Department of Human Resources - HR Research

Ground Floor, Block E, Food Science Building, UCC