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HR Excellence in Research

HR Excellence in Research Award and the Charter and Code for Researchers

The aim of the Charter and Code for Researchers is to ensure that the nature of the relationship between researchers and employers is conducive to successful research performance and to the career development of researchers.   This is an evolving process that enables HR to place the principles of the European Charter and Code at the core of its policies for research staff.  It’s a voluntary process that UCC has committed to wholeheartedly.  It is not a requirement for participation in EU funded programmes yet - but when you consider that every UCC Principal Investigator signs up to its principles when a Horizon 2020 grant is awarded then you can understand how important this award is to UCC and how seriously the European Commission considers it. 

In 2013, University College Cork gained the HR Excellence in Research Award in recognition of the University’s on-going commitment to adopting the principles of The European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. This commitment is echoed in the University’s Research Strategy.

In 2018 University College Cork retained the HR Excellence in Research Award and wreceived our second renewal of the award in 2021.  See our progress so far here

As part of its desire to improve the working conditions of our current research staff UCC has launched a survey in 2023.

Internal researcher staff survey at all grades and levels including research support officers – focusing on training and development, knowledge of the charter and code for researchers, working conditions etc.

The survey forms part of our continued progress in HRS4R and will inform UCC’s future HRS4R action plans from 2024 to 2027. 


See link to EC Human Resource Strategy for Researchers


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