Promotion to Senior Lecturer


Full Applications for Promotion to Senior Lecturer may now be submitted

Please note that you may not submit a Full Application (Stage 2) unless you have been invited to do so by HR following the Expression of Interest/ Shortlisting (Stage 1). Candidates who have established a prima facie case for promotion and so shortlisted are now requested to submit a detailed application form with all supporting documentation/ artefacts.

Applicants should note that full applications will not be accepted after 12 noon (Irish Standard Time) on 1st of May 2019. Applications must be submitted online via the University College Cork vacancy portal (ESS).

Some or all of the listed documents in Appendix C may be submitted in the portfolios to support claims made by a candidate for promotion. Each criterion is assessed and applicants should note that in assessing applications, both qualitative and quantitative measures will be applied. A set of indicative activities and achievements is given under each subheading. These are indicative rather than prescriptive and any further disciplinary-specific activities relevant to these criteria may be considered by the Board, using their academic judgement. It should be noted that there is an expectation that all applicants will be able to demonstrate collegiality, collaborative working and their academic progress since appointment in the application for promotion.

Candidates are advised to consult the Regulation on Academic Promotions to Senior Lecturer before proceeding. Please pay particular attention to criteria requirements as outlined in Appendix C.

Inclusion of Statutory Leave

The University acknowledges that periods during which an individual may have been on Statutory Leave may have impacted on an individual’s performance as judged against the promotion criteria. In this Scheme, “Statutory Leave” refers to maternity leave, paternity leave, parental or adoption leave, carer’s leave and/or any other protected leave which may be provided for in statute from time to time. The Promotion Scheme Leave Form, must be used by all candidates who wish to have Statutory Leave taken into account at the time of Expression of Interest and if shortlisted, Full Application.

  1. B. Please note changes in relation to Promotion Scheme Leave Form: The Promotion Leave Scheme Form details are now to be entered on the relevant screen on ESS at Full Application stage (only where applicable). These details must have been submitted at Expression of Interest (Stage 1) in order to be considered at Full Application Stage. The form is no longer to be downloaded in order to be submitted due to a change in format.

Detailed instructions are available to view in your ESS, and also here in the briefing slides provided (presentation on Full Applications). Candidates are also advised to read the FAQs carefully before proceeding. Any additional queries may be directed to



Click on the links below to download the relevant documents

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FAQ's - Promotion to Senior Lecturer 2018-19 Full Application Stage 2

Appendix C - Criteria for Full Application

Regulation on Promotion to Senior Lectureships

Code of Conflict of Interest in Relation to Recruitment & Promotions

Mentoring for Female Academics

Senior Lectureship Promotions Board 



Further information concerning academic establishment and promotion can be obtained from:

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Department of Human Resources,
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Phone +353 21 490 3057



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