Promotion to Senior Lecturer

Promotion Schemes Review


To:         All Academic Staff                                                                Date: 14/06/16

Progression and promotion are key features of the academic career path, and are a central element of staff support and of university strategy more widely. Since 2008, the University has been severely constrained in the normal operation of progression and promotion by the Employment Control Framework, a limitation it is working to address following on from two recent promotion rounds to Senior Lecturer and Professor (Scale 2) respectively. The University’s Academic Progression and Promotion schemes have been formally reviewed at intervals with the last full formal review of these Schemes in 1996 and 2005.  At its meeting of the 9th May 2016, the University Management Team (Operations) considered and approved the formal review of the following academic progression and promotion schemes:

  • Probation and Establishment (for up-dating and alignment to Statute – Probation and Establishment)
  • Progression Across the Merit Bar
  • Promotion from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer
  • Promotion from Senior Lecturer to Professor [Scale 2]

The main objective of the proposed review will be to strengthen career progression in the University, by clarifying progression and promotion procedures; facilitating mentoring and career planning; and complementing the contribution of academic staff to all areas of the University’s work by ensuring a close alignment of criteria and benchmarking for promotion.

An important aim of the review is to examine the effectiveness of current academic Progression and Promotion Schemes in supporting staff development and in meeting the needs of the University; and to consider the possible future constitution of these Schemes in line with the academic roles within UCC and the University’s strategic priorities.  The outcome of the review in the form of a Report will be put forward to Academic Council, UMTO and GB for final approval and implementation.  Any call under the ‘New Schemes’ resulting from this Review will be made in September 2017, subject to University finances at that point in time.

Notwithstanding the above need for Review consideration was given to launching a call for Progression Across the Merit Bar in the academic year 2016/17 under the existing Scheme due to the non-competitive nature of this process, clarity of existing benchmarks and the urgent need to respond to progression needs for those Lecturers positioned below the Merit Bar.  With UMTO and Finance Committee approval for a launch now secured, we anticipate the announcement of a call for Progression Across the Merit Bar 2016/17.


Further information concerning academic establishment and promotion can be obtained from:

Rachel Long

Promotions and OD Advisor

Department of Human Resources,
University College,
Phone +353 21 490 3057



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