Resignation Policy

Resignation Policy


1. This policy outlines the manner in which University College Cork administers resignation of an employee.


2. These guidelines and procedures apply to all employees of the University.


3. Resignation is the voluntary termination of employment by the employee.

4. Notice period is that outlined in the contract of employment.


5. Employees should submit a signed and dated resignation letter or statement to their immediate Head of Department/Manager/Supervisor.

6. The notice period of termination should be that set out in the contract of employment.

7. A written resignation may be accepted by an employees immediate Head of Department/Manager/Supervisor on behalf of the University. The resignation must be accepted in writing.

8. A copy of the resignation letter must be sent to the Department of Human Resources without delay. This is the responsibility of the Head of Department/Manager. Non notification of resignation will result in the continued payment of the employee beyond the resignation date.

9. The employee must be present and function in their position as scheduled during the notice period.

10. Employees who resign within a certain period may be requested to refund a percentage of monies received under the removal expenses policy, bus pass travel ticket and Employer Bicycle Scheme if benefits have been received under such schemes.

11. The Department of Human Resources will correspond with the employee regarding outstanding leave entitlement and details of final salary payment.

12. The Department of Human Resources will inform Payroll of the final salary arrangements for the employee.

13. Employees must return all University property, equipment, identification cards, keys, documents, phones and computers on or before their last day present in work. The Head of Department /Manager /Supervisor should ensure that these are retrieved.

14. If the Department of Human Resources is not informed of the resignation in a timely manner any excessive salary payments made may be charged to the employing department.

15. An exit interview may be held with the employee or a questioner provided to complete prior leaving.

16. Employees are advised to contact the Pensions Office regarding their pension options and the Department of Human Resources for queries relating to other benefits such as life assurance, VHI etc.

17. Staff in the Department of Human Resources are available to answer questions or provide additional information regarding this policy.

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