Training and Development Policy

Staff Training & Development Policy


1. The University is committed to the support and promotion of staff development and training for all staff.


2. The University interprets staff development as applicable to all categories and grades of its staff, for whom appropriate provision must be made.


3. Staff development may be defined as "Organisational policies, procedures and practices designed to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of staff and, by so doing, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of both the individual and the organisation." Responsibility for staff development is threefold:

i. The personal responsibility of individual members of staff

ii. As a direct line management responsibility of each manager within the University

iii. Through centrally resourced activities, advice and support of the Department of Human Resources


4. The Training and Development Unit of the Department of Human Resources will act as conduit for the analysis of training needs and the development and implementation of appropriate training interventions.

5. In this capacity, the Training and Development Unit will work co-operatively with all relevant committees, Centres and Units, involved in delivering training internally, including:

o The Staff Enhancement and Development Committee of the Academic Council

o The Equality Committee

o The Quality Promotion Unit

o The Health and Safety Office

o The Computer Centre

o The Learning Technologies Unit

o Oifig na Gaeilge Labhartha

o The Language Centre

6. UCC Staff Wellbeing & Development will take every opportunity to maximise the resources available for training and development activities and will pursue all possible sources of additional funding, internal and external.


7. Training needs will be analysed on a regular basis.

8. Training provision will be prioritised according to identified needs and demands and in line with the strategic objectives of the University.

9. Training opportunities will be communicated through all available media, including an Annual Programme of Training and Development, on the HR and other relevant web sites; and in internal communications.

10. Senior members of staff, particularly those with managerial responsibilities, are responsible for supporting and sustaining the growth and development of their staff as part of a planned and continuous learning process and must provide appropriate opportunities for their staff to participate in training and development initiatives. Managers are responsible for assisting staff in the identification of training needs and appropriate training interventions. To this end, managers are required to authorise training requests on the relevant Course Requisition Form where applicable.

11. Individual staff apply directly to Department of Human Resources, UCC for a place on a specific course by completing a Course Requisition Form where applicable.

12. A response will be provided indicating whether or not a place on a course has been secured.

13. Staff will have the opportunity to evaluate all training programmes on which they participate.

14. Staff development and training is also achieved through a number of centrally resourced benefits including: Paid Study and Examination Leave; Paid/Unpaid Sabbatical Leave; Financial support for courses leading to professional and/or academic qualifications; Special Study and Associated Leave; Academic Travel Grant Scheme. The Training and Development Unit provides advice in relation to any of the above and will support regular review their implementation.

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