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Paternity Leave

Paternity Leave

1.            INTRODUCTION

1.1     Paternity Leave is a period of 2 consecutive weeks paid leave available to a relevant parent on the birth/adoption of a child, where the date of birth/day of placement falls on or after 1st September 2016. Paternity Leave is available for stillbirths after 24 weeks of pregnancy.


2.           ELIGIBILITY

2.1     All staff employed in the University are covered by this policy if their child(ren) are born or adopted after 1st September 2016.  A pro rata entitlement is applied for staff who do not work full time.


3.           ENTITLEMENT

3.1     This leave cannot be taken earlier than the date of birth / day of placement of the child and up to 26 weeks thereafter, except in the event of hospitalisation of the child and postponement of the leave.

3.2     Only one period of paternity leave shall be granted in respect of each birth regardless of the number of children born.  In the case of multiple births/adoptions the maximum period of 2 weeks still applies.

3.3     The entitlement to Paternity Leave is subject to the condition that it is used for the provision of care to the child or to provide support to the relevant adopting parent or mother of the child.



 All staff must comply with the following regulations:-

4.1   The relevant parent must give a minimum of 4 weeks notice to their employer by completing the Paternity Leave Application form and returning it to HR for processing.

4.2       The leave must be taken in two consecutive weeks within the first 26 weeks after the birth or adoption.  The current rate is €274.00 per week.

4.3       If the day of placement is postponed or the date of birth occurs after the date selected by the relevant parent in his notification to the employer, the relevant parent shall be entitled to select another date on which the paternity leave shall commence.

4.4 The relevant parent should liaise with their Line Manager/Head of School/Unit to arrange a meeting to discuss the following:-

· timing of the paternity leave

· backfill arrangements to cover necessary work

· social welfare payment available to cover the backfill arrangements

· completion of the Paternity Leave application form for submission to Human Resources for processing



5.1     The relevant parent must complete the Paternity Leave Application Form, indicating the start and end dates of Paternity Leave.  The Head of Department must sign the form before sending it to HR. A medical certificate confirming the Estimated Due Date or Declaration of Official Placement must accompany the application form.  In cases where the birth of the baby has occurred, a copy of the birth certificate may be attached.

5.2.    In order to claim Paternity Benefit from Dept of Social Protection.  The relevant parent must complete PB1 and send PB2 to Dept of Human Resources for completion. Both forms are posted by the relevant parent to Dept of Social Protection.

5.3     Paternity Benefit is paid directly into the relevant parent’s current or deposit account. A deduction from salary equivalent to the maximum weekly rate of Paternity Leave Benefit will be deducted from his weekly/monthly salary in the relevant month/week.

5.5     Paternity Benefit payment is a taxable income.

5.6  All entitlements in respect of public holidays occurring while on Paternity Leave will be added on at the time of the application.


Paternity Leave Application Form

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