Additional Special Leave


1. University College Cork provides leave for special occasions, i.e. Marriage, Wedding, Conferring, Court Attendance, Election duties, Military Training, Sporting Competitions and Visiting Relations Abroad.


2. All UCC employees with a contract of employment and twelve (12) months service are entitled to Special Leave as follows:

  • Marriage / Civil Partnership Leave
  • Wedding Leave
  •  Conferring Leave
  • Military Leave
  • Sporting Competition Leave
  • Leave for Visiting Relations Abroad
  • Special Leave without Pay

3. All employees of University College Cork are entitled to leave for Court Attendance /Election Duties/Jury Duty.


4. Eligible employees are entitled to five (5) days paid leave on the occasion of their marriage / civil union.

5. Eligible employees are entitled to one (1) days paid leave for the wedding of an immediate relative. Eligible employees are entitled to Wedding Leave for the wedding of:

  • Mother/Father
  • Brother/Sister
  • Child

6. Leave with pay may be allowed for the duration of attendance at Court when such attendance is required on:

  •  College Service
  •  Duty as witness on behalf of State or in the service of the community
  •  Jury Duty

7. All expenses paid by the Court in respect of attendance in the above cases must be refunded to the University

8. Leave without pay may be granted for the duration of election duties subject to convenience of Department and University.

9. Eligible employees are entitled to five (5) days paid Military Training Leave and five (5) days unpaid leave (if essential) for Annual Training for F.C.A., First line Reserve or Naval Service.

10. An employee is entitled to one (1) days leave with pay on the occasion of their Conferring on production of official notice.

11. Subject to the exigencies of the service, if applicant is representing the country, up to four (4) weeks Sporting Competition Leave, without pay, may be allowed.

12. If the sporting body involved does not compensate for expenses, the Finance Committee may consider granting five (5) days' leave, with pay, in any period of two (2) years.

13. An employee may be allowed four (4) weeks leave, without pay, in any period of six (6) years, at the convenience of the University, for Visiting Relations Abroad.


14. Any additional leave, which does not fall into the categories listed above, must be taken out of Annual Leave. Such leave must be approved in advance by the relevant Head of Department.

15. Wedding Leave is only granted for the day of the wedding only (i.e. applies to weekday weddings only).

16. In the case of Jury Duty, if the employee does not have to attend court on any day during the proceedings, he/she is expected to report to work.

17. If an employee who ordinarily works evenings is required to attend court during daytime hours, individual arrangements can be made with the Head of Department to facilitate the situation.

18. The employee should notify his/her Supervisor/Head of Department, as early as possible, of their intention to take special leave.

19. The Special Leave Form should be completed and signed by the employees Supervisor/Head of Department/Manager.

20. Once completed and signed, the form should be sent to the Department of Human Resources, together with any official documents, where necessary, for recording and processing for payment.

21. Any subsequent changes in the leave requirement should be forwarded immediately to the Department of Human Resources.

22. The Department of Human Resources will notify Payroll of any changes in pay.

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