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Professor Edmond Byrne

Professor Edmond Byrne

Prof. Edmond Byrne BE MSc MA PhD CEng FIChemE MIEI

Position: Chair Professor of Process & Chemical Engineering
353 (0)21 490 3094
 353 (0)21 427 0249

IRIS Profile:




1995: BE (Chemical), University College, Dublin

1996: MSc (Agr.) Food Science, University College, Dublin

2001: PhD (Process & Chemical Engineering), University College, Cork

2005: Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, University College, Cork

2006: Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, University College, Cork

2008: MA (Teaching & Learning in Higher Education), University College, Cork


2023: Leo Jansen Prize. Best paper* at 11th Engineering Education for Sustainable Development Conference (EESD2023). Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA. [*ByrneEP Positive Actions EESD2023 paper]

2017: IChemE Sustainability Teaching Award (2016) from Institution of Chemical Engineers for BE Process & Chemical Engineering programme (joint submission with Dr John Fitzpatrick)

2015:  Richard Trevithick Memorial Prize (2015) from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) for best paper in the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers (Engineering Sustainability): Educating engineers to embrace complexity and context, Proceedings of the ICE - Engineering Sustainability, Byrne, E.P. and Mullally, G., 2014, 167(6), 241-248.

Frank Morton Medal‌2013: IChemE Frank Morton Medal for Excellence in Chemical Engineering Education or Communication (UCC news) ‌

2006: UCC President's Award for Excellence in Teaching 2006

2004: Award for research on innovative forms of teaching and learning (jointly with Dr John Fitzpatrick)

‘Visualisation in the teaching and learning of Chemical & Process Engineering'

2022: UCC Research Awards: President's Award for Research Impacting the Sustainable Development Goals 2021: 'Imagining2050' Project

2022: UCC Research Awards: Engaged Research of the Year 2021: 'Corca Dhuibhne 2030/Dingle Peninsula 2030' Project 

2022: UCC President's Award for Teaching Excellence 2020/2021: UW005 Sustainability Teaching Team

2011: IChemE Journals: Editors' Choice: (ECE paper 'Chemical engineering in an unsustainable world' selected among eight)

2012: Invited Speaker: 14th Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering (APCChE) Congress. Singapore, 22-24 February.

2012: IChemE Journals 2011 Best Reviewers Award

Career History:

2016-: Chair Professor of Process & Chemical Engineering, University College, Cork

2013-2016: Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Process & Chemical Engineering, University College, Cork

2001-2013: College Lecturer, Dept. of Process & Chemical Engineering, University College, Cork

1998-2001: College Lecturer (temporary full time), Dept. of Process & Chemical Engineering, University College, Cork

1997-1998: Part-time lecturer, Dept. of Chemical and Process Engineering, Cork Institute of Technology

PhD's Supervised (year graduated):

Bas, Nusin (2010), Mathematical modelling and optimisation of the formulation and manufacture of aggregate food products.

Pathare, Pankaj B. (2010) Optimisation of granola breakfast cereal manufacturing process by wet granulation and pneumatic conveying.

Riedewald, Frank (2011) Comparison of deterministic, stochastic and fuzzy logic uncertainty modelling for capacity extension projects of DI/WFI pharmaceutical plant utilities with variable/dynamic demand.

Hanley, Kevin (2011) Experimental quantification and modelling of attrition of infant formulae during pneumatic conveying.

Donnellan, Philip (2015) Development of a triple stage heat transformer for the recycling of low temperature heat energy.

Dillon, Paul (2016) Evaporation maps for ternary non-ideal liquid mixtures.

Lalor, Fergal (2020) Sustainability Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing.

McGookin, Connor (2022) Developing participatory methods in energy system modelling and planning

Research MEngSc’s/MSc's Supervised:

Heffernan, Sinead (2003) Effect of shear on the properties and separation characteristics of whey protein precipitates.

O’Leary, Keara A. (2010) Experimental analysis of the co-melt fluidisation granulation process.

Hughes, Aoife (2020) Plastic free UCC; Exploring societal and marketing levers

Programmes Founded:

Certificate (est. 2002) and Diploma (2004) in Process & Chemical Engineering (led 'til 2016)

PG Diploma (2009) and MEngSc (2007) in Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Engineering (led 'til 2016)

ME (2019) and BE(Hons) (2020) Process and Chemical Engineering (led from establishment 2019)


Environmental Citizenship Research Priority Area (ECRPA) (Investigator & Co-applicant): Sustainability in Society

2017 Research Conference (Co-Chair):  Metaphors of Transformative Change Colloquium Environmental Research Institute, UCC.

2013 Research Conference (Co-Chair): Trans-disciplinary conversations on transitions to sustainability

3rd International Symposium for Engineering Education (Chair): ISEE2010

Adult Continuing Education 'Sustainability & Modern Society' Public Seminar Series 2012 (Convenor, with G. Mullally (Sociology) & J. Fitzpatrick (Proc. & Chem. Eng.)

Member of the Scientific/Steering Committee of the Engineering Education for Sustainable Development (EESD) Conference series at University of Cambridge (EESD'13), University of British Columbia (EESD'15), Bruges (EESD'16), Rowan University, NJ, USA (EESD'18), UCC (EESD2021), CSU, CO, USA (EESD2023).

Chair: 10th Engineering Education for Sustainable Development (EESD2021), University College Cork, 13-16 June 2021.


Co-Investigator: 'Engaging, Envisioning, and Co-Producing Pathways for a Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Ireland' (Imagining 2050), EPA funded transdisciplinary ERI project (PI: G. Mullally) 2018-2022, worth €482,343.80.

Co-Investigator: Deep Institutional Innovation for Sustainability and Human Development (DIIS), MaREI Centre, ERI, UCC.

Co-/Principal Investigator: Corca Dhuibhne 2030Dingle Peninsula 2030, MaREI Centre, ERI, UCC.

Co-Investigator: Bilateral Regional Accord between Ireland aNd Wales for Agricultural Valorisation and Environmental Sustainability (BRAINWAVES), ERI, (PI: Marcel Jansen), worth €1.460m, 2020-2023.

Co-Investigator: Duck-Feed, ERI (PI: Marcel Jansen), worth €930,734, 2022-2026.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Selected Publications and Presentations

For full list of publications, see IRIS site (

Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Transitions to Sustainability [ISBN: 9781472462954] (Byrne, E., Mullally G., & Sage, C.) Routledge, 2017

Metaphor, Sustainability, Transformation: Transdisciplinary Perspectives [ISBN: 9780367698553] (Hughes, I., Byrne, E., Mullally, G. and Sage, C.) Routledge, 2022



Educ Chem Eng 2009 paper (sustainability; obligations & opportunities) (794kB)

ASEE NE 2009 paper (sustainability; holistic approach)

ISEE2008 Keynote (teaching for learning outcomes) 
 World Congress Chemical Engineering 2009 (embedding sustainability in curriculum)
ISEE2010 Launch (fit for purpose - designing the 21stC engineer)
SEFS Annual Public Lecture Series 2010: Change or Collapse?
 IChemE Australia Education SG Webinar June 2010 (sustainability; obligations & opportunities)
ISEE2010 Workshop Primer Paper (accreditation guidelines on sustainability; international review)
ISEE2010 paper (Australian study; practical skills for sustainability)
EESD'10 (Goteborg) (teaching ethics & sustainability)

The Chemical Engineer Article (Nov '10) (educating chem eng of the future)

Environmental Citizenship Workshop UCC Sept 2011 (decommissioning silos) (2,221kB)

UCC Env Sustainability Colloquium Series 2011-2 (Byrne, E. & Sage, C.) (6,221kB)

Pres: 14th APCChE Feb 2012 (chem eng & complexity, uncertainty) (6,963kB)‌‎

Paper: 14th APCChE Feb 2012 (chem eng & complexity, uncertainty) (99kB)‌‎‎

ISEE2012 Sheffield Entrep (presentation) (848kB)

ISEE2012 Sheffield: New Entrepreneurship (Paper) (174kB)

 UCC ACE Sustainability & Modern Society Seminar Series 2012: Are Modern Society & Sustainability compatible? (Byrne, E. & Mullally, G.)

 UCC ACE Sustainability & Modern Society Seminar Series 2012: Science, Complexity & Spirituality (Byrne, E., Mullally, G. & Gabuzda, D.)

MPlan Colloquium 2013 ByrneEP MullallyG (1,738kB)

TAPSS 2013 Blackwater Castle (Mullally, G. & Byrne, E.P) (3,257kB) 

Transdisciplinary Conversations, UCC, 2013. EC#2 (499kB)

Byrne (1,008kB)

Transdisciplinary Conversations, UCC, 2013, Orientation Paper - New Paradigm Thinking (Byrne, E., Sage, C. and Mullally, G).


EESD'13 (Cambridge) (Byrne, E. and Mullally, G) EESD'13 Byrne (1,868kB) 

Engineers Without Borders UCC (E. Byrne) (2,440kB) Meanings around sustainability; Implications for conceptions of science, technology and the engineer, Nov 2013

Free University 2014 (Byrne, E. & Mullally, G.) (2,242kB)

ESEIA-IGS Conference, Smart & Green Transitions in Cities/Regions, Twente, 2014 (516kB)

Blackwater SS May 2014 (4,843kB)
Educating engineers to embrace complexity and context (309kB), Educating engineers to embrace complexity and context, ICE Proceedings-Engineering Sustainability

Mapping the Global Dimension within Teaching and Learning (EWB) (614kB), Byrne EP (2014), In: Integrating GDE into the academia, Engineers Without Borders, Barcelona.
EWB ByrneEP Nov14 (1,146kB) On Mapping the Global Dimension within teaching and learning, Nov 2014
EESD15 ByrneEP MullallyG (189kB) (UBC, Vancouver) Engaging with Sustainability through Collaborative and Transdisciplinary Approaches (EESD15 ByrnePres (230kB))

Transdisciplinary education (209kB) Seeing beyond silos. Developments in ESD book chapter, Byrne, E.P. & Mullally, G. (Springer, 2016)

 REES2015 ByrneEP (86kB), Dublin. Byrne, EP
 Integral and Transdisciplinary Approach to Sustainability Education (Paper) (220kB)Integral and Transdisciplinary Approach to Sustainability Education (Pres) (973kB)

'Transdisciplinary Perspectives' (2017) Book Chapter 3: Sustainability as Contingent Balance (830kB)


'Transdisciplinary Perspectives' (2017) Book Chapter 4: Complexity informed approach to progress, evolution and sustainability (505kB)


 'Transdisciplinary Perspectives' (2017) Book Chapter 1: Contexts of Transdisciplinarity (416kB)


'Transdisciplinary Perspectives' Book Chapter 2: Disciplines, Perspectives & Conversations 


Integral & Transdisciplinary Sustainability Education (220kB) EESD2016, Brugges, Byrne & Mullally

What role can transdisciplinary research play in the energy transition? ERI/Univ. of FH Burgenland Joint Seminar, Nov 2016.

Context, Framing, Risk, Uncertainty, and Integrative Approaches to Complex Sustainability Problems (pres); Context, Framing, Risk, Uncertainty (slides) PoliMundus ISA Lab Workshop, UPV, Spain. 11th April 2017 Sustainability and Metaphor ByrneEP 2017, Progress and Reality
Byrne, E.P. (2017) Metaphors of Transformative Change Colloquium, ERI, UCC, 15 Sept. 2017.

Educating Chemical Engineers for Contemporary Challenges; The value of Context, Connection and Collaboration, International Engineering Education Forum, Tianjin University (TJU), December 2017.

'Transdisciplinary Perspectives' (2017) Book, Chapter 15: Transdisciplinarity within the University

ISA Lab 2018: Uncertainty Management, Uncertainty management: Dealing with inherent uncertainty in complex (socio-enviro-technical) systems, UPV, Valencia, June 2018.

ISA Lab EESD2018 (Experiences in transdisciplinary education for sustainable development, ISA Lab, Valencia). EESD2018 Paper, Rowan U., NJ, June 2018.

Plastics; Society Industry Norms Tipping Points ByrneEP. Int. Sustainable Production & Consumption Conf, Manchester, 4-5 Oct 2018. The Journey towards Sustainability TCE Nov 18, Int. Sustainable Production & Consumption Conf 2018 Review.

UCC Process Engineering; Sustainability journey, Education with Sustainability Conference, IT Sligo, 20-22 August 2018.

Eco-cosmology in Western tradition; Sustainability via Integral Interconnect, Eco-cosmology, Sustainability & Spirit of Resilience Conference, UCC, 20-21 September 2018. 

Adding Value(s) to the Process; Chemical Engineering Education for the 21st Century Adding Value/s to Chem Eng 21CEngineers Ireland Journal (2019)

Business as Unusual: Sustainable Development Goals, Humanistic Management Network conference, 4-6 November 2020.

Contemporary engineering grad attributes, Gutierrez Ortiz, Fitzpatrick, Byrne (2020), EJEE.

DIIS (Hughes et al, 2020) 11th International Sustainability Transition conference (IST2020), Vienna, Austria. 18-21 August 2020.

10th EESD, UCC, 2021. EESD2021ProgrammeHandbook

10th Eng Educ for Sust Dev (EESD2021) EESD2021ProgrammeHandbook (UCC, 2021)



Urban water provision; Engineering considerations and ethical [framings] Ethics WaterSEFI (2021)

Teaching Sustainability to Engineers: some contemporary trends and practices Byrne EI SDGs. Engineers Ireland + National Forum National Seminar Series (2022)
Metaphor of complementary dualism chapter, Metaphor, Transformation, Sustainability; Transdisciplinary Perspectives (Byrne, 2022) Teaching Sustainability to Engineers Engineers Ireland Academic Society Webinar (Byrne, 17 Feb 2022).  Mullally Byrne ATU Sligo 2022 Technology, Society and Sustainability (Dec. 2022) 
ByrneEP Evolving Accreditation Sustainability Criteria ECE 2023 ISSN 1749-7728 (
SHiFT Cost Action Webinar (Engineering with Social Sciences and Humanties, Byrne, 17 April, 2023) EESD2023 Paper: ByrneEP Assessing for Sustainability paper EESD2023 Pres: ByrneEP Assessing for Sustainability EESD2023 Pres CSU, CO, USA. 18-21 June 2023.
EESD2023 Leo Jansen Prize (Best) Paper: ByrneEP Positive Actions EESD2023 paper Pres: ByrneEP Positive Actions EESD2023 Pres CSU, CO, USA. 18-21 June 2023.  SEFI2023 Keynote (E. Byrne) TU Dublin 14 Sept 2023  ByrneEP SECA QUB Feb24 QUB Lecture 20 Feb 2024 




Prof. Edmond Byrne

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Process and Chemical Engineering

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