University Wide Module

The inclusive, university wide approach taken in Green Campus has been adopted to develop a university wide module on sustainability, through partnership and collaboration across all sectors of campus and beyond.

It has been developed freely by all participants involved in course and content development; participants from all schools of UCC, encompassing about 15 different disciplines, as well as numerous members of the Green Forum and the Green Campus committee, and key operations staff from Buildings and Estates. It is also provided freely to all participants enrolling. The module is open to students and staff of the university as well as the general public.  The module is available for additional credit, Continuing Professional Development, or a UCC Green Campus Digital Badge.  Assessment is via a learning diary, group project and reflective report.

A fundamental focus of the development of the module was and is around sustainability citizenship – the course was titled ‘Putting education for sustainability in its place: put yourself in the Picture’.


The module ran for a fifth year in AY 2020/21. Each year, the module is oversubscribed with an almost even distribution of students, staff and members of the the public.   In 2018 there was an added dimension of streaming to two towns in rural Ireland via local innovation hub network.   There were 25 local participants in Dingle, who are now working on group demonstration project in their town – the local context is key, hence the module is not a MOOC.

Module information can be found on the UCC Book of Modules

UW0005 Sustainability Module Diagram

Integral Approach to Teaching and Learning