• GDPR Phishing Scams - Important Security Notice

    24 May
    GDPR Phishing Scams - Important Security Notice

     Several GDPR phishing scams have been reported to IT Services and detected in the past few days as scammers capitalise on the last-minute rush by companies to ensure compliance ahead of the May 25, 2018 GDPR deadline. Be wary about any GDPR related email requests – they may be a scam or phishing emails.

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  • "Greening" UCC's IT Services

    23 Nov

    As part of UCC's Green Campus, IT Services is dedicated to 'greening' its services. The below infographic demonstrates the many ways in which IT Services has achieved this so far.


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  • Conference: Cyber Fraud in the Digital Age

    23 Nov
    Conference: Cyber Fraud in the Digital Age

    Information Security is now a basic requirement for all businesses to ensure continued operation in a globally connected world.  The human element of Information Security is crucial in digital fraud detection.  The aim of this conference is to help grow awareness on the current risks of cyber fraud across the Cork business community. 

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  • Fraudulant Purchase Order Email Scam

    30 Jun
    Fraudulant Purchase Order Email Scam

    What is the fraudulent purchase order scam?

    UCC has recently been targeted by a series of fraudulent purchase order emails. This is a scam wherein fraudsters attempt to obtain equipment from suppliers by providing them with a forged UCC purchase order.


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  • IT@Cork Tech 20

    13 Mar
    IT@Cork Tech 20

    The below picture is from a meeting last week of the IT@Cork tech 20. This is a group of the leading IT executives from around Cork City and County. The group meet monthly in order to align the efforts of industry, academic and government. The goal of this group is to continue the development of the Cork region, as a European centre for information technology services, European Technology Cluster.

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  • I.T. Open Days Chromebook Winner: Pat Twomey

    23 Nov
    I.T. Open Days Chromebook Winner: Pat Twomey

    The lucky first winner of a 14" Chromebook at our I.T. Services Open Days was Mr. Pat Twomey, pictured above with User Services manager Michael O'Halloran. The prize draw took place at 3pm yesterday, during the closing of the first day of fantastic talks and events in the Boole Library Creative Zone.

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  • Changes to Email Services

    11 Oct
    Changes to Email Services

    As you are no doubt aware, UCC has been targeted by a number of Phishing attacks in the recent past.  For this reason, we had to increase the detection thresholds this summer which resulted in some legitimate email being tagged as SPAM.  On Monday 17th October, we are planning to implement a new solution for SPAM email.

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  • Update on Central Teaching Rooms

    13 Jul
    Update on Central Teaching Rooms

    AVMS and IT Services, in close partnership with Buildings and Estates, have started a process of upgrading most of the central room teaching facilities in all areas across campus over the next three years. Each teaching area will see new technologies, improved Wi-Fi and better connectivity to provide a better user experience for students and teaching staff.

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  • I.T. Infrastructure Investments

    07 Jul
    I.T. Infrastructure Investments

    University College Cork is about to embark on an exciting programme of digital rejuvenation. As part of this programme of work, the University plans a major investment in IT systems and infrastructure in UCC over the next 3 years. 

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  • I.T. Security Initiatives

    07 Jul
    I.T. Security Initiatives

    In recent months UCC has witnessed multiple cyber-attacks from various sources including phishing emails and ransomware.  In order to continue to protect the UCC network and services you will see IT Services continue to roll out a number of initiatives to strengthen our security profile.  

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  • Office 365 Roll Out Update

    11 May
    Office 365 Roll Out Update

    Over 1,000 UCC mailboxes have now been moved to Office 365 and we will continue to move the remainder of mailboxes over the coming months. This upgrade will give you the benefits of larger mailbox and a number of other online services.

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  • Office 365

    24 Feb
    Office 365

    Office 365 is a suite of online, cloud-based productivity software and services and comes with a significant increase in mailbox size to 50GB - approximately 100 times larger than the previous mailbox size. Office 365 also includes One Drive cloud storage space, Skype for Business, Microsoft Office 2016 and much more. 

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  • Self-Service Password Reset

    22 Feb
    Self-Service Password Reset

    SSPR (Self-Service Password Reset) is a new service which enables users to reset their own user log-on passwords. This means users no longer need to contact the IT helpdesk for assistance with forgotten passwords, and makes the password reset process easy, efficient and available 24x7.

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  • Online Course Applications

    22 Feb
    Online Course Applications

    The Online Course Application System implements a move from paper-based course applications to an online application system for Adult Continuing Education and the International Office, with expected rollout to further offices throughout 2016.

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  • UCC Connect App

    19 Oct
    UCC Connect App

    UCC Connect is an app designed to bring UCC right to you on your smartphone. Developed by Granite Digital for the UCC Student's Union, and in conjunction with the Digital Estate Working Group, it is the official UCC campus life application.

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  • Eduroam Wi-Fi Expansion

    16 Jan
    Eduroam Wi-Fi Expansion

    Since 2014 IT Services have been working closely with the HSE IT department to improve the IT Services for UCC Staff and Students. We are delighted to inform staff that UCC Wi-Fi for staff and students EDUROAM is now available in Cork University Hospital.

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  • New Logon Service Launched

    26 Sep
    New Logon Service Launched

    New user friendly single logon for many UCC IT Services.  You can now use your UCC email address and password to logon to multiple services making it easier to use them.  You can use it for:-

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  • Changes to email services

    11 Apr
    Changes to email services

     Up to the end of March 2014 I.T. Services have been using the FOPE service to scan incoming and outgoing UCC email. FOPE is being discontinued and replaced by EOP (Exchange Online Protection).

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  • Power outage - Update

    17 Dec
    Power outage - Update

    Update: Power and network access has now been restored to all areas. A power outage took out the main campus last night but our UPS and generator kept the data centre running. Power is now back and we're working on restoring the network. The back of the Kane building will be off-limits to cars until the cabling fault is repaired. Read more for update.

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