MS Teams Cheat-Sheet

Responsible Use of IT Platforms

Please review and adhere to the IT Acceptable Usage Policy which applies to all IT networks and platforms including Teams, whether working in the office or remotely.

Getting Started with Teams

Information Sessions: Remote collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Click here to watch a recording of our recent online webinar.

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How can I access MS Teams?

Note: Do not run Teams through virtual platforms such as Citrix as it affects functionality, e.g. microphones do not work.

Instead, access it in one of these ways:

Through the webDesktop AppMobile App

Access Microsoft Teams here 

Login with your UCC credentials 

*Web app does not currently work in Safari

PC: Click Start>Microsoft Teams

Mac: go to Applications folder and click Microsoft Teams

If Teams is not installed, download the app from 

The Microsoft Teams App is available to download:

How do I Chat with Colleagues?

Chat with a person or groupChat with the whole team
  • Click the Chat icon in the left-hand menu and select New Chat 
  • Type the name of the person or group in the To field
  • Write your message, and click Send
  • Click the Chat icon in the left-hand menu and select New Chat 
  • Type the name of the person or group in the To field
  • Write your message, and click Send


Note: Keep in mind the Acceptable Usage Policy for all IT networks and systems.

How to make video and audio calls

Video & Audio Calling with 1 -25 peopleCalls with 25 -250 participantsOver 250 participants or a Live Webinar/stream
  • Click the Calls Icon on the left-hand menu
  • Under the Make a call section enter the names of the user(s) you wish to call
  • Click the Calendar Icon in the left-hand menu and select New Meeting
  • Enter the title of the meeting, the start and end time, and the meeting details
  • Add the people you wish to invite in the Invite People field
  • Click Schedule to share the meeting with your invitees

Requirements for Audio or Video Calls

  • A speaker and microphone on your computer (optimally, a headset for best audio quality)
  • A webcam, or the built-in camera on your laptop/phone (We recommend Logitech C920 or equivalent if you need to purchase one)

Share Files with your Team

  1. Click Attach (paperclip icon) under the box where you type messages
  2. Browse to the file location and select the file you wish to share
    • Depending on the file location, you’ll get options for Upload a copy or Share a link

Working with External Users

  • You can add external users to a Team as Guests.
  • Click Manage Team > Add members 
  • Enter their email address and click Add
  • Set up a Scheduled meeting
  • Enter their email address in the attendee field
    • The user will receive an email invite with a link
    • The user can join by simply clicking the link.

Guide to Joining a Call as an External User (With or Without an Office365 Account)

If your external users are unfamiliar with Teams, and/or don't have an Office365 account, they can still join a call in just a few easy steps.

Our handy guide will show you how to Join A Teams Call as an External User, with screenshots.

The guide would also be useful if you are a UCC staff member who has been invited to join a call, but is not very familiar with using Teams.

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