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IT Guidance and Support

IT Tips & Tricks

Since March IT Services have shared some useful tips on a wide variety of topics including, Teams, 0365, Storage Options, Training and many more. These tips and tricks are shared via email every week, so keep an eye on your inbox.

IT Tips & Tricks Webpage

Check out the IT Tips & Tricks webpage to see all the tips released to-date.

Staff Accounts

What are the different types of accounts? How are they different?

Confused about the different account types? See Logon Accounts for a detailed description of the access offered by each type of account.

How do I get a staff account set up?

See Logon Accounts for all you need to know about setting up/requesting a staff account.

If an issue has occurred with the setup of an account, contact the IT Service Desk.

I cannot access my account. What do I do?

This issue can be caused by a few issues.

  1. Always begin by trying to log into with your UCC credentials – this will help determine if it’s an issue with the account or just the application you’re logging into.
  2. If you’re getting the error “incorrect user ID or password” begin by resetting your password using the Self-Service Password Reset Tool 
  3. If you’re getting the error “the referenced account is locked out”, call the IT Service Desk at (021) 490 2120.
  4. If none of the above advice is of value, contact the IT Service Desk

How do I reset my password?

Use the Self-Service Password Reset Tool to reset your password quickly and easily.

How do I get access to a shared mailbox/account?

  • Need access to a shared account? The account owner must log a request to grant you access.
  • See our instructions on opening or sending from a shared mailbox.

Student IT Issues

Please check out the Student IT Page or log a call with the Student IT team.


I need advice and guidance on using teams. Where do I go?

  • For comprehensive Teams training, check out IT Training. The IT Training Team offer live online sessions and self-study options.
  • For a quick overview of Teams, check out the Teams Cheat Sheet.
  • For specific Teams queries, message our Teaching with Technology Team on Teams.

I’m having difficulty sending meeting requests to students. How do I fix this?

We are awaiting a permanent solution to this issue from Microsoft. In the meantime, create the Teams meeting in Outlook and add each of the students email to the attendee list. 

Alternatively, if the meeting has already been created, you can copy the meeting link by right clicking on the Join Teams Meeting link and forwarding it to the students.

Working & Teaching Remotely

Can I access the UCC network at home?

Yes. Accessing the UCC network remotely will give you access to services otherwise only available on-campus, like NAS.

To see how you can access the UCC network remotely, check out Virtual App.

I need help with teaching/working remotely.

See Teaching and Working Remotely for all you need to know about IT systems and support for remote work.

Multifactor Authentication/MFA

What is MFA and how does it work?

Check out our MFA information page.

Office 365

How do I…

For queries on how to use any of the Office 365 applications, check out the Learning Pathways

Where can I get advice on using Office applications?

The Digital Advisory Centre has many upcoming information sessions on Microsoft 365 as well as recordings of past sessions. 

Employee Self Service/ESS

Why didn’t I get my ESS password reset email?

Check your junk/clutter folders. If the email is not there, contact the IT Service Desk.

How do I access ESS remotely?

Select the “ESS Login” option.

File Storage

When do I use OneDrive/Teams/SharePoint?

  • OneDrive: Store and edit your individual docs
  • Teams: Communicate and collaborate on docs with your internal and external team on group projects
  • SharePoint: Share documents with entire departments or organisation-wide


I’ve returned to campus and I’ve lost network connectivity.

We recommend anyone returning to campus to Stay Mobile.

IT Services Department

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