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All IT services

All IT services


    • Access Control: TDS Access is UCC’s cloud hosted access control solution. Department administrators grant access to staff, students and contractors to specific access controlled areas within UCC. IT Services supports the application and underlying hardware.
    • Agresso: Agresso is an online financial management system that allows UCC staff to submit expense claims raise purchase orders and run financial reports. The IT Services department supports the servers and software that are required to implement this service. The services is administered on a day to day basis by the Finance Office.
    • Alumni Management: Alumni Management
    • Android devices: For users of Android mobile devices the staff IT helpdesk will provide first level support. Android devices can be connected to the university wi-fi.
    • Apple iMac iPad iPhone: Advice on purchasing of Apple products for UCC Staff.
    • AV Installations: AVMS provide advice design and install tailored AV systems in departmental areas such as seminar rooms meeting rooms and laboratories.
    • AV Technical Support: If you have an issue you have been unable to solve using the FAQ you can inform AVMS of the issue.



    • Career's Office FDR: First Destination Reports - tracking how UCC graduates do once they leave. IT Services supports the underlying applications software and hardware
    • Computer Labs Support: IT Services manage and maintain a series of IT Centres for the use of registered UCC students.
    • Computers in Lecture rooms: This Service provides IT management and support to departments and schools for their computer equipped teaching rooms.
    • Conference email access: Organising a conference in UCC? IT Services can help by creating a conference email account.
    • TerminalFour CMS: The system that UCC uses to update web pages
    • Core Payroll HRIS: IT Services support the underlying hardware and software used by the HRIS application. Core Payroll is one module of said system.
    • Core Time and Attendance: Part of the HRIS system Core Time and Attendance is used to track staff leave. IT Services support the hardware and software that runs this service.
    • CRM Software: CRM software helps businesses better manage engagement with its constituents as well as providing a customisable platform to support streamlining of its business processes


    • Data transfer from personal computer: Recently received a new PC? IT Services can transfer the data from your old computer to your new one.
    • Data Warehouse: The UCC Data warehouse is an application that was developed by the IT Services department in conjunction with the Registrars Office (System Administration) and an external company - Client Solutions. The application provides consistent and timely student information to UCC staff. Questions regarding the data should be directed to
    • Desktop and Laptop Services: The IT Services department supports user hardware from purchase to disposal. Devices bought through IT Services will be configured for UCC's network and will contain the latest supported versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System or MacOS. Applications such as Microsoft Office will also be installed.
    • Device Purchasing: This service provides for the purchase provisioning of computers and connected IT equipment
    • Digital Signage: AVMS is responsible for the digital signage systems in the Brookfield Health Sciences Complex and in the Western Gateway Building.
    • DMIS: Departmental Module Information System for returning student marks at module level. Also provides class lists and module results reports.
    • Therefore - Document Management : Therefore document management system provides central administration staff a facility to scan and archive documents for students and staff.


    • Core Portal ESS: ESS - Employee Self Service allows UCC staff to access their payslips on line. IT Services supports the underlying hardware and application software
    • EduGate: The EduGate federation is comprised of Irish Higher Education Institutions and Organisations that have agreed upon a standard procedure for exchanging information about users and resources to enable access and use of those resources and services. The EduGate federation is a service operated by HEAnet For UCC Staff your edugate credentials are your UCC email address and Central password.
    • Eduroam wifi: eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is the secure world-wide roaming infrastructure used by affiliated Users and educational facilities to allow their staff students and Users to visit other participating institutions and continue to have wireless connectivity . Being part of eduroam allows users to access a wireless network at a visited participating institution simply using by using credentials (i.e. username and password) assigned to them by their home institution.
    • Student Umail: Providing email and cloud storage to students and alumni of the University. All UCC students automatically have an email account created for them. Umail is the name of the UCC Student Email service, it is powered by Google. Your UCC Email account is yours for life.
    • Encryption Laptop: This service provides for the encryption of the internal hard disks of University laptops.
    • Energy Management: Green IT - Tips on how you can help protect the environment while still getting the most out of IT.
    • Equipment Hire - AVMS: AVMS offered a range of AV equipment that can be hired by staff for conferences or other events. This is a charged service
    • External Hosting of Personal Data: A service to ensure the safekeeping of UCC personal data when it is hosted externally.


    • File Sender: Filesender allows us to upload and send files of up to 2GB in size for non-HTML5 browsers. It also enables users to send encrypted files within UCC, or provide a guest voucher for vendors outside UCC to send encrypted files to staff within UCC.


    • Google Drive: This service provides a cloud storage facility for UCC staff and students to store and share work files.
    • Google Meet: This service provides a facility for UCC staff and students to hold video meetings.
    • Governance: Governance
    • Graphic Design: Poster printing, graphics work, image editing.
    • Guest Wi-Fi Internet access: Visiting UCC? Information on connecting to the guest Wi-Fi and Eduroam


    • Helpdesk - Student IT: The Student IT Helpdesk is your first point of contact for any student IT related issues. The main helpdesk is located in the Boole Basement and a second desk is located on the ground floor of the Boole Library.


    • ID Card - Staff: Staff ID cards are issued by HR. Email to get your ID Card.
    • Information Protection - AIP: Microsoft Azure Information Protection - AIP - enables you to protect documents on your computer before sharing them, and also enables you to protect emails in Outlook before sending them.
    • Internet Access: This service provides high performance and consistent network access from UCC's Local Area Network (LAN) and Wi-Fi services to the Internet through Irelands National Education and Research network provided by HEANET.
    • IRIS: The Institutional Information System (IRIS ) is an easy-to-use web-based application that allows users to maintain update and publicize their profiles. IT services maintain the servers and update the software required to run the services. Support is provided by the Research Office.
    • ITS Student Administration: ITS is a database system to support the administration life-cycle of students. It includes application registration examination and award. IT Services works with the Registrars Office to support ITS.
    • ITS Student Web Services: Online system allowing students to register for modules pay fees and obtain their exam results. Accessible through




    • Learning Technologies: The mission of the Learning Technologies Unit is to stimulate and support the development of electronic course delivery in UCC.
    • Lecture Capture: Lectures can be recorded using Panopto with automated delivery to the relevant Blackboard course for students to watch. Supported by Audio Video and Media Services.
    • Logon Accounts: All UCC staff and registered students need a logon account to access university computers. A logon account is made up of a username and password. If you do not have a username and password you must contact the appropriate helpdesk.


    • Multifactor Authentication: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an extra layer of security for your University logon account, it augments the thing you “know” (your username and password) with additional authentication factors, and is used to prevent others from accessing your account, even if they know your password.
    • Mark-up / file format advice and help - LaTex: Mark-up / file format advice and help
    • Media Hosting: Users can upload their original videos using an easy-to-use upload form.
    • Media Production: AVMS can produce video or audio content for UCC departments. Details on these services are here.



    • Office 365: Office 365 is a suite of online applications. These are office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services), such as Microsoft Teams and hosted email for business.
    • OneDrive for Business: This service provides a cloud storage facility for UCC staff and students to store and share work files.
    • Open Access Computing: This service provides general purpose and prioritised computing facilities for all University students through the Student IT Centres located across the University. Full details can be found on the SIT web site. See the service link below.
    • Oracle DBA: Installation configuration tuning and day to day management of Oracle-based production systems. Also Oracle procedures development business continuity planning and liaising with system vendors to ensure compliance with UCC internal Oracle standards.


    • Outlook PST's are no longer supported.: IT Services can see that there are a lot of staff out there, that have old email in archived .pst files stored on their desktops and laptops. This is a very vulnerable place to store important data and given that we have moved to Office 365 some years back and peoples mailboxes are much larger, we are reminding people to move that email stored locally on their machine, back up to the cloud. Especially now that we have MFA to secure access to that email.
    • PAC Postgraduate Applications: The IT Services departments supports the underlying hardware and software necessary to keep the PAC service running.
    • Password Reset - UCC Student: If you forgot your password or it expired the instructions for getting it reset are detailed below.
    • Password Reset - Staff: Staff can reset their password using this service
    • Password Reset - Self Service Password Reset (SSPR): Staff can reset their email password using this service.
    • Photographic Services: Professional photographic services to the University community. Public relations corporate and medical imagery advice and image store. See service website for details.
    • Plagiarism Detection: UCC's online plagiarism prevention service uses 'Turnitin' (see Plagiarism Policy) and is integrated with UCC Canvas. It operates by checking submitted work against online internet sources and previously submitted work.
    • Managed Print Service: The Managed Print Service provides printing, copying and scanning in UCC.
    • Project Management: Project Management - see what IT Services are working on to improve IT Services through out the college
    • Protect your Documents with OneDrive : There is an additional service to Microsoft OneDrive for Business which can be used to protect your Documents folder, Desktop and Pictures, without the need for you to actively save it to the cloud. Simply turn on this feature, and when you save documents to your desktop or documents folder, they will automatically save to your Onedrive folder, and be accessible from any device.
    • Pubble Service - Live Q&A: Pubble is a community engagement platform that brings the social web to your site. What this means is that the Pubble system allows users to type questions directly to a group of moderators through a specific webpage. These questions are displayed on the site immediately and the moderators can be assigned questions to answer. The moderators then answer their assigned questions. The answers are immediately posted to the live site, similar to a twitter feed.
    • Publish - myTimetable: Publish allows students to create their own individual timetable.
    • Personal Computer Support: What personal computer support is available for UCC staff/


    • QuickMinutes: QuickMinutes is a, Quick Agenda and Minute taking application, QuickMinutes transforms the process of meeting management into an efficient and satisfying activity. QuickMinutes should be used for Committee and Other Meetings documentation and organisation.


    • Research DataStore: This service provides a network based shared data storage facility for the UCC Research community. Principal Investigators can setup network storage space to store research files and documentation that can be access by the research team. Research Groups will have access to 1TB of storage and folders can be shared with researchers in either the central or student domains.
    • IT Services for Retired Staff: This service provides information on the services available to retired UCC staff. Please note that the list of services offered may change over time.
    • Recording Studio: AVMS have an acoustically isolated studio that can be using for filming. Details on the service can be found by clicking on the service webpage below.
    • Room Bookings and Timetabling: Supporting the application used for timetabling and room bookings.


    • Sanitisation and Destruction of Electronic Media: This service provides for the safe erasure and/or physical destruction of electronic media devices including hard disks USB pen drives CDs DVDs floppy disks and magnetic tapes.
    • Security Services: The IT Services Department provides a software update management service through maintenance windows, compliance reporting and automatic enforcement. Updates are tested and released on a monthly schedule to all domain joined Windows computers. The IT Services Department also ensures that virus definitions are kept up to date on domain joined computers using Windows Defender.
    • SharePoint: SharePoint allows you to collaborate and share documents and ideas with both colleagues and external users.
    • Smartphones & Tablets (Mobile Services): Get help connecting your device to the Wi-Fi and other mobile device support
    • Software: The Combined Higher Education Software Team, "CHEST" project negotiates special deals for the purchasing and licensing of software for third level educational institutions.
    • SQL Server DBA: Installation, configuration and management of SQL Server systems. Defining UCC standards, procedures and documentation. Liaising with software providers to ensure compliance with UCC SQL Server standards and connectivity to their applications. This service underpins many applications including Alumni Management and Pensions. This service is provided as part of IT Services projects to install new or upgrade applications for UCC systems. We do not provide a DBA service on a request basis.
    • System Integration: System Integration


    • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork which you can use on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. It is available to Staff and Students. External users can be added to a team as a guest user.
    • Training: IT courses for UCC staff and postgrads; ECDL testing and training for all including undergraduates; MS Office application and SiteManager (CMS) support.
    • Typesetting: TeX and LaTeX have been in use in UCC since the mid-1980s. The majority of users are still in the natural sciences, especially mathematics, physics, and engineering; but the biggest growth area in recent years has been in the Humanities. The service link below identifies some of the most frequently-requested resources.



    • Video Conference: Videoconferencing links two or more remote locations together so groups in each location can see and hear each other. Details or arrange a video conference can be found here.
    • Virtual App: Virtual App is a device independent service which provides on and off campus access to UCC’s applications and services.
    • Visio: Visio helps you visually communicate complex information from multiple data sources by creating professional flow charts, timelines, process maps, organisational charts, and more.


    • Web Sites: We provide access and support to the content management system and the web servers for the provision of UCC websites.
    • Wi-Fi Internet Access: The eduroam Wi-Fi Service is available for UCC staff who wish to connect their laptop,tablet, smartphone or other compliant portable computer device to the Internet while on campus. The staff member can connect with their UCC Staff email address and password
    • Windows 7 to 10 Upgrade: IT Services has completed its upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10




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