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Information Protection - AIP

Information Protection - AIP

Summary: Microsoft Azure Information Protection - AIP - enables you to protect documents on your computer before sharing them, and also enables you to protect emails in Outlook before sending them.

Primary users of this service: Researchers, Staff

Who to contact to use this service:

Contact to discuss this service: IT Services |

Strategic Focus: Enabling Infrastructure Services

Service Webpage

Description of the Service

Azure Information Protection enables you to protect your Office documents so that your information is secure before sharing it. It also enables you to apply information protection to emails in Outlook. 

AIP can be installed from the Software Centre on your PC (open the Windows menu and search 'Software Centre').

How-To Guides

The videos below demonstrate how to use AIP in different ways.

Protect and Email a Document with AIP

This video demonstrates how to protect a file before sending it via email.

If the recipient does not have a Microsoft account they can obtain one here: 

Remember to include the instruction: “I've protected this file with Microsoft Azure Information Protection. For first time use, see these instructions:”

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