Logon Accounts

A UCC Logon account is required to access UCC online services.  An account consists of a username and a password and depending on the account type may also include a UCC email address. For security, all UCC logon accounts are enabled for multifactor authentication, allowing for the account to be used off campus, see http://mfa.ucc.ie

UCC Logon Accounts should be used with UCC online services only, and not used to sign up to other non UCC supported Internet based services.

UCC IT Services is responsible for the creation and management of accounts and the following information describes the account types, how they are requested and the services available to use with them.  

Note: Once your UCC log-on account has been created, you will need to sign in within 3 months otherwise the account will be de-activated due to dormancy. 

Core Staff Account

Core Staff are provided with a Full Logon Account that provides access to UCC online services.  A full account consists of a username and password and @ucc.ie email address.  The account is licensed for full access to Microsoft Office 365 and UCC email.  Microsoft Office 365 services include email, full online and offline versions of MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.), Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Apps.

Most services use the email address and password for logon though some legacy services continue to use the username + password combination.

A Full account is automatically created for Core Staff when the HR Department notify IT Services of the commencement of the new staff member, so no additional request to create an account is required.

In addition, a password service is also available https://passwordreset.ucc.ie 

Core Staff can contact helpdesk@ucc.ie to recieve their Logon Account details.


Visitors to UCC

Visitors to UCC may require access to Wi-Fi while on campus.  If the visitor is from another University they will be able to use the Eduroam service on campus automatically using their own University Logon account.  See Eduroam service information pages for further detail  https://www.ucc.ie/en/it/services/eduroam/ 

If the visitor does not have a logon to Eduroam, then a Guest Wi-Fi account can be provided.  See https://www.ucc.ie/en/is/services/guestwi-fiinternetaccess/ 

Sponsored Staff

Sponsored Accounts are available to departments for Non-Core staff that have a valid requirement to access UCC online services.  Such staff may be full time, occasional, part-time or non-UCC. 

Accounts can be sponsored for named individuals only.

Types of Sponsored Logon Accounts available:

  1. Full Account with full Microsoft Office 365 services and UCC email
  2. Light Account with web browser access to Microsoft Office 365 services and UCC email, web and desktop app version of Teams available
  3. Affiliate (Basic) Account without Microsoft Office 365 and UCC email 

(Microsoft Office 365 services include email, MS Office Suite (Work Excel, etc), Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Onedrive) 

Account Features

See below table for the breakdown of services available with the different accounts. 

Please note:

  • Full and Light Sponsored Accounts are fee payable to cover licence costs.
  • Request Access on the table below means there is a further step to take to access those services.  Once the Sponsored Account is setup you can email the relevant support team as indicated in the table below.







Request Access

Mailbox / UCC Email

✓ - Web Access Only

No further action required 

Microsoft Office Suite

✓ - Web Access Only

No further action required

Microsoft Teams

✓ - Web and Full Version

No further action required

Microsoft Ondrive

✓ - Web Access Only

No further action required

CENTRAL Computer Logon

✓ - Web Access Only  

      to Microsoft Office

No further action required

Eduroam Wi-Fi Access

No further action required


✓ - Request Access

✓ - Request Access

✓ - Request Access

Access to specific content on Canvas

is managed by module coordinators. 

Alternatively you can email ltu@ucc.ie

Content Management System (CMS)

✓ - Request Access

✓ - Request Access

✓ - Request Access

Training must be completed before access in granted.
Email cmssupport@ucc.ie 


✓ - Request Access

✓ - Request Access




Print & Copy



No further action required

NAS Access

✓ - Request Access


Folder owner should request access

Off Campus Access to Agresso

✓ - Request Access

✓ - Request Access


Off Campus Access to ESS

✓ - Request Access

✓ - Request Acces


Library eResources

Any queries contact






No further action required 

To obtain a UCC Sponsored Logon Account the Head of Department/School Manager should request through our "Sponsor or Renew Account" form on https://servicedesk.ucc.ie  

Password Reset

Password Reset for Full, Light & Affiliate Accounts is at https://www.ucc.ie/en/it/services/passwordreset-sspr/ 


Which account meets your needs?

Please review options below

Request an Account

  • To request an account you need to be the Head of Department or School Manager. 
  • The online request form is available at https://servicedesk.ucc.ie 
  • For a Full or Light Account, choose option "Sponsor or Renew Account" and Full or Light Account - Logon Account with Microsoft Office 365 and UCC email
  • For a Basic Account  chose option "Sponsor or Renew Account" and Basic Account - Logon Account without Microsoft Office 365 and UCC email

Student Accounts

For information on how to obtain a Student account please go to our Student IT Website: https://www.ucc.ie/en/sit/services/account/ 

IT Services Department

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