Website Design Migration Success

15 Aug 2014
Website Design Migration Project

After 18 months, the design migration project has come to an end. Approximately 350 sites have passed through the process. 

The original goal for the website design migration was to move all UCC websites to the new UCC website design (as of Feb 2013) within 18 months without disrupting the information provision capabilities of departments during the process. 

Although we didn't manage to migrate every single website, we still consider the project a success. We've managed to roll out an extended web site platform to far more sites than any other previous website redesign. The design is fully responsive for mobile devices and can be extended in a more straightforward manner than past designs. With so many sites in the new design, it also makes future improvements and redesigns much easier to roll out. 

For the sites that didn't make it to the new design, there were a variety of different reasons that they weren't migrated. Some were simply no longer being updated so we archived them off to Others were too large and required too much rework to be changed with a simple migration and will require specific upgrade projects to move them forward. 

Overall, though, since February 2013 we have: 

  • Passed 351 sites through the migration process
  • Seen 309 sites fully migrated and live
  • Removed 150 non-cms web server accounts
  • Rolled out 21 brand new websites (with a further 9 waiting in the wings)

There are still some sites that we are working on that are parallel to the migration process and will absorb some of the sites that weren't rolled into the migration project (such as the new UCC sports website and app that will be launched in September). But in the end, we managed to get through the project within our outlined 18 months and achieve our goals. 

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