Desk to Dock! Get a FREE* Laptop Dock for your Office and Recycle your Desktop!

21 Mar 2022

As you will be coming back to the office more, now is the time to think of mobile working. Have a laptop and a desktop in your office? Then you can recycle/repurpose the desktop pc in your office and we will provide you with a *Free Laptop Dock and peripherals instead to use with your existing laptop.

If your desktop is good enough, we will wipe and re purpose it for UCC’s student labs or if not, we will enter it into the sustainable circular economy. You can read more about our commitment to sustainability here.

Requirements, Benefits, and Next Steps

  1. You will need to have an existing UCC Laptop that is in warranty.
  2. The desktop should be one of the following models: Dell OptiPlex5050, 5060, 5070, 5080 or 5090.
  3. There will be a free docking station, including the required peripherals, available to the first 100 eligible staff. Once they are gone, we would still recommend getting a dock in place of your desktop.
  4. You will only have one cable to connect to your laptop for charging, network (if no Wi-Fi available) monitor, keyboard & mouse.
  5. Supports blended working allowing you to easily move between home and office. 6. Visit our service desk page and click option for details on how to apply.
  6. Visit our service desk page and click options  for details on how to apply.

*This offer is available to the first 100 eligible staff members.

Blended Working

Read more about our advice on blended working.

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