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Margaret Thatcher, Ireland’s First Website, ChatGPT and Marmalade – ITBytes Podcast with Peter Flynn

20 Apr 2023
Participants in the CURIA project at the Royal Irish Academy in the early 1990s. Pictured from left to right are the late Professor Donnchadh Ó Corráin (UCC), Peter Flynn (UCC), Professor Marianne McDonald (UCSD), Dr Patricia Kelly (UCD), Professor Aidan Clarke (TCD) and the late Professor Desmond Clarke (UCC). Image credit: TechArchives.

IT Services has recently launched the ITBytes podcast, hosted by Noelette Hurley featuring Deirdre Keane and produced by Eoin O’Sullivan.  ITBytes will chat about all things IT in UCC and introduce you to a variety of guests from UCC staff, students, alumni and beyond.  It aims to inform, demystify IT and share some interesting stories with the guests featured on the podcast.

In the latest episode, ITBytes chats to Peter Flynn. Peter started his career in UCC back in 1984 as a project manager for academic and research IT Services. Peter went onto to do many great things over his career, one such thing was creating Ireland’s first website as part of the CURIA project in 1992 (9th website in the world!).

Peter talks about the journey to creating Ireland’s first website, what brought him to UCC, his thoughts on technology and its future, and knowing and working with Tim Berners-Lee at the birth of the World Wide Web. Peter retired from UCC in 2018 and shared with us his joy of cooking and the website where his many recipes are available including a very delicious marmalade recipe.

The ITBytes team would like to thank Peter for taking time to chat and record this episode on the podcast.

On social media, you can follow IT Services on Twitter @UCCITServices and Instagram, and you can follow ITBytes on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Thank you to UCC98.3FM, where ITBytes is recorded. This episode of the podcast will also be available to listen to on UCC98.3FM on Thursday, 4th May at 5pm.

Pictured below left-right: Deirdre Keane, Noelette Hurley, Peter Flynn and Eoin O’Sullivan.

Feature image:  Pictured left-right: Deirdre Keane, Noelette Hurley, Peter Flynn and Eoin O’Sullivan outside UCC.98.3FM


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