Tips to Stay Safe Online from our IT Security Team

8 Dec 2023

Whether you’re browsing online for the holiday season or just doing routine shopping this December, IT Security have some top cyber security tips that will see you navigating the digital marketplace like a pro! Let’s dive in:

  1. Beware of fraudulent text messages: There will be an uptake in scammers impersonating companies like An Post, DPD or Amazon. If you’re expecting a delivery, check its status on the company’s website - avoid clicking links in messages!
  2. Shop local: A surefire way to avoid online scams and support the local economy at the same time is through buying in-person from small businesses near you.
  3. Keep your passwords unique: Make sure your accounts with various shops all have separate, strong passwords, especially if payment information is involved. This means that if one account is ever breached, scammers won’t be able to access all your other accounts as well.
  4. Avail of MFA: Multi-factor authentication isn’t just for work - it’s available for your personal accounts too! Ensure to enable it for an extra layer of protection against cyber criminals.
  5. Verify by other means: If you’re unsure whether correspondence is genuine, reach out to the company via a different method. Don’t contact the same number/email you received the questionable correspondence from.

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