IT Services and Human Resources develop Online Orientation for new UCC Staff.

21 Jan 2022
Photo credit: Tomas Tyner

In March 2020 new staff were going to be commencing employment in UCC in a new way due to the pandemic. New staff no longer had access to an onboarding meeting on their first day, they were not going to meet their manager and colleagues in person, and they were not going to be able to physically come to UCC.

Staff Wellbeing and Development identified that new staff would need extra support when starting, and that all the information they would need should be easily accessible in one area. An orientation checklist during the pandemic was created specifically to guide new employees while they worked from home. Staff Wellbeing and 

Development felt a human touch was also necessary and a further step was taken when they created remote live Q&A sessions. These provided new staff with an opportunity to meet other new staff and ask questions. 

IT Services Online Orientation Content 

Our goal in developing the IT Services online orientation content was to ensure new staff have the information they need to get started, provide resources for new staff to explore IT Services further, and instil good cybersecurity practices.  

We are proud to provide a wide range of IT Services to our colleagues in UCC, including our dedicated team at the IT Service Desk, Office 365 accounts, WiFi, online teaching and collaboration tools, and much, much more. However, for new staff all this can be overwhelming, leaving them wondering where should they begin?  

The answer: the IT Services online orientation. Starting a new role can be a hectic time, so the orientation is a PowerPoint presentation available for new UCC staff to download and browse through at their convenience.  

It follows the journey of our new staff, from the first question of where to log in (your UCC account and setting up MFA!) and where to get your work device, all the way through to IT training and supports. 

The online orientation provides a concise summary of everything new staff need to know about IT Services and includes a large repository of links and resources, allowing staff to explore these services further, as needed. The orientation allows our new staff to focus on the content relevant to them, without overwhelming them with information.  

Our orientation also provides crucial cybersecurity advice from our IT Security Officer, Barry Foley. With tips on how to keep your devices and IT account secure, the orientation helps new staff to protect the UCC community.  You can test your knowledge with the IT Security Quiz in the last section. As an integrated form, it is an interactive element to help staff further develop their IT Security knowledge and instil good daily cybersecurity practices from day one. 

Well done to the project team in IT Services and Staff Wellbeing & Development for delivering this fantastic resource for new staff, with particular thanks to Katie Horgan and Lorraine McLoughlin, IT Services and Grace Conway, Staff Wellbeing and Development. 

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