Publish: Personalised Academic Timetables for Students

25 Aug 2016

Publish is a new, online tool which allows students to quickly and easily create their own personalised academic timetable.

This timetable is then accessible from anywhere, on any laptop, pc, or internet-ready mobile device. Students can also receive notifications about any changes made to their timetable by their department – e.g. change of time or location -  to their Umail inbox. Publish will always display the most up to date timetable information available.

How Does Publish Work?

Publish is accessible via the Student IT homepage, or directly at 

Using Publish is quick and easy. Once students receive the details of their academic timetable from their department, those details can be put into the Publish application to create a personalised timetable for the coming academic year.

This timetable is then accessible both on and off campus by logging in to Publish using Student I.T. credentials.

How Do I Create My Publish Timetable?

A tutorial video, and an in-depth FAQ on setting up a personalised timetable with Publish, are both located here:

An overview of Publish can be found here:

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