Microsoft Windows 7 End of Support – 14th January 2020

14 Jan 2019

On the 14th January 2020 Microsoft will end support for Windows 7

What does this mean for me?

It means that new features, fixes and security patches will no longer be available for Windows 7 from that date, leaving your device vulnerable to security risks. Support for the Internet Explorer browser on Windows 7 will also cease at the same time.

See Microsoft link

I use a Dell computer, can I upgrade to Windows 10?

A rule of thumb is, if your Dell computer model has less than four digits, e.g. Dell OptiPlex 910, then it is not supported for Windows 10 and should be replaced. Similarly, if your computer (desktop or laptop) is more than five years old you should consider replacing it. To check how old your Dell computer is, click on the link here and enter the 7-character Service TAG number of your computer. The Service Tag number can be found on the bottom, side or back of the computer or is displayed on the Desktop screen for computers managed by IT Services

To verify if your Dell computer is compatible with Windows 10 check the dell support webpage here

As Windows 10 has been available since 2015 a number of versions exist. IT Services is currently deploying Windows 10 version 1803.

Are UCC IT Services going to help?

Yes, IT Services has been deploying Windows 10 on new staff computers and student used pcs for some time. If you are running Windows 10 and your computer is joined to the UCC CENTRAL or Student IT domains then IT Services is managing it and will continue to upgrade and maintain it.

IT Services will undertake an analysis of the campus networked computers running Windows 7 to determine which computers can be upgraded or need to be replaced. IT Services will have an upgrade service available for suitable computers and will be engaging with the UCC community throughout 2019


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