Entrepreneurship & Innovation Pathway

For 2020, we are expanding our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pathway as Entrepreneurial Skills and Entrepreneurial Thinking are important skills to future-proof your career and will stand to you as you transition out of UCC to professional life. Even if you do not want to become an "Entrepreneur", having that set of skills and an entrepreneurial mind-set will open up a whole new avenue of potential prospects. By engaging in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Pathway, you will develop skills such as critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills, business management and leadership skills, and how to think creatively. 

Obtaining a UCC Works Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award:

  1. Contact uccworks@ucc.ie to register for LinkedIn Learning through Project Lagro in collaboration with the Graduate Attributes Programme.
  2. You must complete the a number of courses through LinkedIn Learning, you can focus on Entrepreneurship OR Innovation.
  3. Prepare your Pitch: An important element of being an entrepreneur is pitching or making the case for the product, project, service or idea you intend to sell. An elevator pitch is a condensed, easy-to-understand version of a business pitch. Your pitch can focus on your own product or idea or present a pitch about a product, idea or service that could make an impact in UCC:
  • Description of your idea or product
  • Details of your target market
  • Personal history of your qualifications and how you came up with this idea
  • Competition and advantage: information about your competitors, highlighting how your product/idea is superior. 
  • How your idea can make an impact in society Your pitch should be clear, concise and interesting.

You can submit your pitch (500 words- 700 words (MAX)) in PDF format (illustrations encouraged). However, you can also get more creative if you wish. We will accept a video or a detailed, high quality infographic. This How to Create a Perfect Elevator Pitch video has some great tips and trips to help you prepare your pitch.

4. Reflect Submit your reflective report. The Reflective Report requires students to answer three minimal questions and allows students to articulate on paper more effectively the competencies developed during their UCC WORKS activity. The competencies students are asked to consider in the Reflective Report are core competencies that research shows employers look for in potential candidates in both interviews and CV's.

5. Be awarded for your participation! You will be awarded in April 2021 and will receive your Digital Badge. Your contribution will be recorded on your Diploma Supplement (not the Exam Transcript). The format of the award ceremony will be communicated closer to March.

You must submit your Reflective Report in mid-March 2021. Please check the UCC Works Facebook Instagram and Twitter and for updates. The awards ceremony will take place in April. 

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