Entrepreneurship & Innovation Pathway

To receive an award through the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pathway a student must engage in voluntary work with a start-up organisation or another activity that encourages the development of Entrepreneurial and Innovation skills.

Throughout semesters one and two we will be promoting opportunities to support start-ups through the UCC IGNITE programme (IGNITE is an international award-winning business incubation programme supporting recent graduate entrepreneurs to turn good ideas into great businesses). You can also approach a start-up yourself and ask them if you could support them as part of the UCC EmployAgility Awards. 

Getting started

  1. Approach a start-up you would like to work with and ask them to complete the Entrepreneurship Pathway Providers Form. 
  2. If applying for a position advertised by the UCC EmployAgility Awards team, please follow the instructions and apply as directed. You will be contacted by the opportunity provider after you make your application. Apply for the role as you would a job and be advised that you may be called for an interview. Opportunities will be advertised here throughout the year so keep an eye on the website. 
  3. Once you have secured an opportunity, please enroll your participation in the UCC EmployAgility Awards programme on the dedicated Canvas space

What's next?

  1. Once you have found an activity to participate in and have enrolled in the EmployAgility Canvas space, you can start logging your hours. 
  2. Download and complete your EmployAgility Awards Hours Log as you dedicate hours to your activity/initiative. 
  3. Dedicate 40 hours to your activity OR dedicate 30 hours and complete the EmployAgility Awards Canvas course in its entirety. If you are short a couple of hours but complete the Canvas course, we will award you. You can complete your hours between 13th September 2021 and early March 2022 (you can backlog hours already completed in September once you note them on your hours' log)

Semester 2: Your Submissions: 

  1. In Semester 2 you will need to complete a Reflective Report. This will appear as an assignment in the Canvas space where you will find content that will help you understand reflection and how to identify the skills and attributes you developed throughout your experience. There is a column in the Hours Log where you can input notes on your experiences, these notes will help you complete your reflective report. 
  2. Update and submit your CV, including details of the initiative you participated in and the skills you developed. There is content available on the Canvas space to support you in updating your CV. You can also use our CareerSet AI-based CV review tool before you submit. 

Please check the UCC EmployAgility Awards Facebook Instagram and Twitter and for updates. The awards ceremony will take place in April. 


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