The Post-Covid Job Market

Impact of Covid19 on the graduate job market

Some career decisions may have been made you by the COVID-19 crisis. You may have lost your summer job and had to cancel your plans work abroad for the summer. We in UCC Careers really appreciate the stress, uncertainty and disruption that this crisis has brought to your final year. 

So how will COVID-19 continue to impact on the graduate job market? As situation is still unfolding and the outcome uncertain, it isn’t possible to answer all your questions. However, we would like to share with your sources of up-to-date, quality and accurate labour market information (LMI) with the aim of making you feel as informed and empowered a you assess your options. 

Latest Updates on the Job Market 

The following are some websites to which you can subscribe for timely, responsive, up-to-date and sometimes “up-to-the-minute” updates on the job market. Such updates can be particularly useful in these current, unprecedented times. While the data provided is extremely useful, bear in mind our guidelines for reviewing this information. For example, Indeed combines Irish and UK data in their statistical reports and Skills Panorama offers a European-wide perspective that may differ from the local context in Ireland. So keep your critical hat on when digesting these updates. 

Official sources of Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) in Ireland and Abroad

Governments across the world have a vested interest understanding the rapidly changing world of work through detailed analysis. They are also motivate to anticipate “future” demand for qualified people in key sectors. Such reports of “future skills needs” can provide be useful for citizens of that country and prospective workers from other countries. 

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