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Top Tips from Peers

Top Tips from fellow International Students

  • Pay more attention to recruitment websites and actively submit CV.
  • Get to know more people who are already engaged in related work and pay more attention to referral opportunities.
  • My own courage I went to all pharmacies within my ability to commute to ask for employment opportunity.
  • Building connections through society events.
  • Attend Seminars held by UCC career services …I was not aware about the graduate roles , and the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) system here.
  • Participate in some company’s lectures and seminars, get to know their company better and know their recruitment needs and application process.
  • I attended a lot of events on careers, CV review clinics, webinars, etc. Those were of great help to refine my CV, filter job search, get relevant information & to clear my doubts.

International Student Insights on Networking

  • Networking is essential to get a foot in the door within organizations. Your network can let you know about openings within their organization, can refer your CV, or can even provide reference during the recruitment process. Networking with other international postgraduates in Ireland helped me understand the visa process and sponsorship which I had very little knowledge of when graduating (this was important because not all employers are aware of the sponsorship process and most times ask me how it works, and assuring them this will not be a challenge requires that I be familiar with the process and take them through it in a way that is reassuring to them).
  • It would be helpful to speak with other international students or alumni who are employed in my field of study as they would be aware of the challenges of finding employment.

Prepare to come to Ireland

“Improve your English language skills! I watched shows like Peaky Blinder to train my ears for the Irish accents.”

Current Student

“Research the various food industries over here and I also connected with seniors and various employers working in different industries.”

Current Post-Grad Student

UCC Career Services

Seirbhísí Gairme COC