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Ace Your Interview and Win the Job!

Practise, Practise, Practise is the only way to prepare for a job interview. It is by doing, not just reading and listening, that we learn how to present ourselves in the best possible light. 

Shortlist.Me is on online platform that enables you to get hands-on practice with mock interviews tailored to your target role and experience level. It is the best way for you to use your time to prepare for your next all-important interview.


Test yourself under interview conditions! 

Shortlist.Me simulates a real-life interview experience, uniquely supported by expert coaching to improve your answers. You get to rehearse your answers and play them back and compare them against the expert guidance provided. Shortlist.Me if available to UCC students 24/7 by using your usual UCC log-in credentials.

There are four steps involved in using the system: Sign up, Practice, Get Coached and, (with a little luck!) Get Hired! 


You can your interview on any device with a camera and microphone installed – although we recommend a PC/laptop. 

The following video offers some tips to help you to understand what to expect from the practice interview. 


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