Get Ready to Apply

At any stage when applying for graduate roles it is essential to have a career plan and to understand all the steps involved in the recruitment and selection process in order to have the highest chance of securing the role you want. This becomes even more important in the competitive job market in which we now find ourselves due to Covid-19 with a lot of employers continuing to run their recruitment and selection process online for 2021/22. As such, thorough preparation is key for graduates to understanding the steps involved in applying for jobs, including the virtual hiring process of online applications and online selection process.

What you need to know

Firstly, it’s important to understand the process of how employers recruit and select graduates. Different employers will have a different recruitment process with one employer wanting CVs and another employer wanting an Application Form. One employer using Telephone Interviews and another employer using Live Skype or Video Interviews. Employers take a lot of effort of identifying a new role to meet business needs and draw up a job description which outlines the candidate’s qualifications, experience and skills required to do this role effectively. Sending out an unprofessional, untargeted CV will not meet the job description and block you from getting any further in the selection process. So, it’s important that graduates understand the recruitment and selection process and are prepared for each of the steps involved. 

Perfecting your Pitch: 

Additional resources for preparing to apply for jobs

Below you will find links to additional information resources that will help you get ready to apply for jobs. These include 'top tips' articles along with links to additional psychometric testing tools. 

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