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Online Assessments & Assessment Centres

An Assessment Centre is a method used by some companies to assess candidates for a job.  Assessment Centres are used to supplement interviews and obtain more in-depth information about the qualities of candidates.  This process allows recruiters and job applicants a more in-depth look at whether they suit each other.   Employers gather several candidates who are applying for the same positions and put them through a variety of assessments.  Candidates undertake a series of individual or group exercises which makes it easier for them to showcase a range of skills and competences than they would be able to demonstrate in an interview alone.   Exercises and tasks are designed to mirror those needed in the role and measure the candidate against the skills required to do the job well.  

NB: You are not necessarily in direct competition with other candidates.  All, or none, of your particular team may be progressed as candidates are assessed against the employer’s criteria, not each other.   It is very important that you demonstrate that you can work in a team.

Assessors will keep detailed notes of your performance, grade you against each competency and each exercise and look carefully at your overall performance.   No candidate will do everything perfectly.  If you feel you have not done well in an activity move on to the next one with a smile.

 Master the Assessment Centre:


What is Assessed?

Candidates can be assessed on several dimensions e.g. teamwork, leadership, drive, initiative etc. which can vary depending on the company and role.   If the company don’t give you information about the competencies/skills/abilities they are rating you could check their recruitment information for what they value in an employee.  Activities are carried out in the presence of observers who build up a picture of each candidate, looking at social skills, intellectual ability and attitudes.  The length of time involved can vary from a few hours up to a few days. Some assessment centres include meals/refreshments and it is important to be aware that recruiters will notice candidates’ behaviour and form impressions of the candidates.

What Types of Assessments are Given?


Individual activities can measure individual’s abilities skills and personality traits.

Examples: Psychometric tests, In-tray or E-tray exercises, Case Studies, Role Plays, Presentations, interviews etc.


Group activities examine how individuals respond in a group situation.  Usually a group wouldconsist of 6-8 candidates and several assessors would observe from a distance.   Group activities are designed to assess how you communicate and your ability to accommodate the needs, views and skills or others in order to achieve a goal.   Your aim should be to contribute constructively to he team effort.   Working well together is usually more important than the solution.

Examples:  Case Studies, Presentations, Group Discussion, Group Task, Social Activity etc.

Careers Advisors can help you prepare for an Assessment Centre. Before an appointment: Read through these pages, watch the videos & bring any relevant information about the assessment centre with you!

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