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STAR Technique

STAR is a useful technique to help you answer questions is a confident and concise way, giving the employer the EVIDENCE of the skill they are looking for. You can use the STAR Technique when completing application forms and when preparing for interviews. 

Shine with the STAR Technique



  • Choose a situation that is as similar as possible to the type of situations you will encounter in the job you seek.
  • Be very specific rather than general – these specific examples have a much more powerful impact.
  • Avoid spending a lot of time describing the problem – state the problem as briefly as you can while ensuring that the listener understands the situation.
  • Do not discuss a situation you are angry about.
  • Do not discuss a problem that you caused.


  • Describe in detail the positive and appropriate action you took to resolve the issue or to get the task completed.
  • This step should be the focus of your answer (60%+).
  • This part of the story is often overlooked.
  • Provide good detail – it will show the employer that you know how to take appropriate steps to resolve work-related issues.


  • Describe the positive result of your action.
  • If no positive result, choose a story that does have a positive result!
  • If you can quantify the result, do so.
  • Don’t forget to mention the positive result!


STAR Example

Situation/Task: While working as a retail assistant (name the company) last summer. I was asked to review the stock taking system and come up with solutions to improve it

Action: I looked at factors such as when the stock was last ordered, what it was used for and how often it was used. I worked out a method of streamlining the paperwork involved in this process and redesigned the relevant forms, which I then submitted to my manager

Result: My ideas were accepted and implemented and a 10% reduction in stock levels was achieved. 


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Our STAR Worksheet will help you prepare your STAR examples.

Download our Worksheet and get applications ready!

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