Self-Assess for Career Success

Why Self-Assess?

People spend, on average, one third of their lives at work. Wouldn’t you prefer to spend this time on work in which you can excel and be happy? For this, you will need to build an accurate mirror to provide you with an objective reflection of who you think you are.  

Such self-awareness is challenging! Friends, colleagues, teachers and employers can help - but they have blind spots! Before reaching out to them, it is best to reflect on your beliefs about yourself. Then you can prepare pointed questions to test your assumptions with those you trust who know you well.

We recommend that you start with the psychometric online tools and self-assessments on this page - for 3 main reasons:

  • They have been designed to provide you with objective information about yourself. 
  • They will highlight any questions that need further exploration. E.g. Helping others is what I look most for in a job – how would I most like to help others at work? 
  • They provide you with the language used to describe yourself in detail – this language will also strengthen your job applications and interviews. 

Imagine that you are asked one of these (typical) questions at a job interview today: 

  • Why are you interested in this role?  
  • What core values drive you to succeed?  
  • Describe your personality.  
  • What are your key strengths? 
  • What skills and attributes have you developed at university? 

How confident do you feel to answer these questions well? Which one would be the hardest to answer? Perhaps that would be good place to start! 

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