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Prepare for Work

Adapting to Workplace Culture, Professional Etiquette, Workplace Skills

Workplace Skills

Your first graduate role is a chance to develop skills, experience workplace culture, and make contacts. This page guides you on maximizing your role, developing skills, networking, and standing out.

Develop your Workplace Skills

Apply theory, learn from others, and build new skills:

  • IT. skills
  • Non-technical skills/soft skills
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Time Management
  • Team Building
  • Career Development

Workplace Culture

Gain valuable insight into workplace culture and practice professional etiquette, which includes respecting business rules and treating others professionally.


Communication with your Employer

  • Have regular performance meetings with your Work Place Mentor
  • Communicate openly; asking questions shows initiative.
  • Use appraisal forms to discuss areas for improvement.

The Social Side of Work

Understand workplace norms:

  • Start/Finish times
  • Breaks
  • Communication with colleagues and superiors
  • Is it acceptable to chat in teams?
  • Summer BBQs and nights out
    • Be aware of how much you drink
    • You are still at work
    • If in doubt….don’t drink

Gossip v Communication
Important to distinguish between: 

Office Gossip

Office Small Talk

Personal / malicious

Can be a good way of keeping informed

Irrelevant to work

Can be a good way of strengthening business relationships


Must be impersonal and work related


Must not eat into your productivity


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