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Get Experience

Gaining experience is important to keep developing your skills.  All experience is valuable, even if it is unpaid work as a volunteer. There are many ways to gain experience in a difficult job marketIt is important to stay positive and focus on building experience and your career in challenging times. 

Change is constant - you can make it work for you 

As a final year student in 2020 you are probably feeling uncertain about your future, you are not alone.  You are experiencing unexpected disruptions to your plans.  While the economy is busy recovering there is a lot you can do over the coming weeks and months to empower yourself and ensure you are work ready.  

Now is a time to focus on Positive and helpful mottoes such as: I can Adapt , I can Strive, I can Thrive! 

Even in times of a strong and stable economy, final year can be a time for managing a myriad of issues and feelings: fear, excitement, not knowing fully what your future will look like.

Research sectors of interest

Knowledge Empowers You

It will widen your horizons, stimulate ideas and make you aware of the possibilities. Find out about the world of work: the wide and diverse range of career sectors, the trends and job opportunities, who the key employers are and much more by visiting the below websites:

UCC Career Services

Seirbhísí Gairme COC